We are living in a world of innovations. Being in a trend is also a really important thing. What is ‘trendy’ now? Eating healthy food, caring for the environment, using eco-materials and being creative. Unusual ideas and products displace competitors. People want to buy something new and natural. And it’s a fact.


What We Offer

Set of a Wooden Mechanical Models «Wooden.City»
  • Get your customers say “WOW! I need that!”
  • NEW on the market of DIY
  • An eco-friendly product
  • Cooperation directly with manufacturer
  • Localization – EU Poland (chip domestic and fast worldwide shipping. Free of duty for EU);
  • End-Users Give High Marks to our products (Award «Toys of the Year 2018», fund-raising 220% in Kickstarter)
  • All of our products are created by professional high-qualified engineering team. Demand for this type of product is increasing from 2015 till now. The proof is a growth of the demand, growth of the company and growth of competitors in this segment

Set including:

  • Wooden, stylish and convenient package with description in eight languages
  • Plywood details made with laser cut
  • Detailed instruction with description in eight languages
  • Packet of axles, wax for a moving element, sandpaper
  • Spare parts.

Assembling the model does not require glue. You will build models with specially developed and patented compounds.

For Example, Model “4×4”

Original Wooden Packing
Clear Instruction Manual
Plate with the details
Assamled Model

Features of model “4×4”

  • an internal combustion engine with moving pistons, and a trigger lever at the rear of the vehicle
  • a ratchet mechanism
  • a lever to switch direction of movement
  • a drive shaft and semi-axle shafts with crossings, just like you find on a real jeep
  • three moving pedals (each are spring-loaded with its own rubber band control)
    a hitch at the rear of the model designed for its trailer
    four-wheel drive and independent suspension on both axles
  • removable shovel, ax, and jerry can
  • rearview mirror

Finally you will get a perfect Wooden Mechanical Model.

During assembling, spend your time full of fun, and after you may use models as a decoration that will remind about result you will be proud of.

Target Audience

  • For Modeling and mechanisms fans
  • For someone who likes to create
  • For those who are looking for a gift (quality, perfect for any interior) for a boyfriend, son, husband, boss, teacher, grandfather
  • For someone who wants to spend time together
  • For someone who wants to develop: motor skills, creative thinking, communication skills
  • For someone who is looking for interior decoration to the office, home, apartment

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