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Puzzle 3D Mini GameBrain Teasers IQ - Pomysł na prezent dla chłopaka


Wooden Board Games

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Have a lot of free time sitting in traffic? Don’t worry! We know something to occupy your time. For example, check your IQ level playing this compact tiny board game. You will spend free time with more fun and profit.  But before you have to assemble this game just for a few minutes, because it’s 3D puzzle. 

 The rules:

The 15-puzzle is classic sliding puzzle, consisting of numbered square tiles which can be slid in a frame using an empty slot. The object is to slide all tiles where they belong using the empty space. The solved state is marked with numbers.

Some facts about this wooden set:

? Made of eco wooden materials;

? Assemble without glue;

? Made in EU;

? Perfect design?;

? Compact size?;

? Always in your pocket.


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