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1000 drewnianych detali
13 godzin na zebranie
0.775 Kilograma
20CM 16.7CM 16.7CM
OC 0033-XL

Wooden Puzzle Coral Reef – 1010 pcs - drewniane puzzle



EAN: 5904151821628

Coral Reef – 1010 pcs

Wooden Puzzles with Double-Sided Figures

Number of parts: 1010, contains 100 parts with unique shapes
Solving time: 780 minutes
Assembled size: 519×375 mm
Age limit: 12+
Perfect for a Gift

Attested and certified: CE, EN-71, ASTM D-4236
Made of 100% child-safe materials
Produced in Poland

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There’s nothing like a good, old-fashioned jigsaw puzzle to pass the time.

These days, downtime is all about streaming, phone screens, and video games. But if you yearn for a time when life was much simpler, why not take a break and sit down with a puzzle?

Jigsaw puzzles will always be fun, no matter your age. And they make wonderful gifts and heirlooms, too! Play solo or invite a friend to join you. Whether you’re looking to test your memory skills or spend more quality time with your family, getting lost in a puzzle is a surefire way to make the time fly by.

Get your brains and fingers busy with a Wooden.City Wooden Jigsaw Puzzle: Coral Reef!

Swim with tropical fish over abundant coral reefs in this stunning and vibrant chromatic color gradient jigsaw puzzle! Get lost in the colorful details and see how many corals and fish you can identify. This rainbow puzzle is available in 200, 400, and 1010-piece variations, and with each picture, you’ll find a handful of surprise wooden pieces in animal shapes!

Wooden.City puzzle pieces are more than your standard lock-and-key puzzle tabs. So, if you’re looking for a challenge, the unusual shapes are sure to keep you guessing.

Cut from Birch plywood and colored with skin-friendly inks, this heirloom-quality puzzle is one you’ll want to keep forever until you can pass it down. These quality puzzles make wonderful gifts for creative kids and puzzle lovers of all ages.

Here are few more excellent reasons to take one of our puzzle sets home:

⭐ We’ll replace missing or broken pieces for free
⭐ Perfect pastime for weekends and study breaks
⭐ Manufactured by Toy of the Year 2018 awardees
⭐ Eye-catching wood or cardboard box packaging

Are you ready for an afternoon of puzzling fun? Add the Wooden.City Wooden Puzzle: Coral Reef to your cart TODAY!


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