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150 drewnianych detali
3 godzin na zebranie
15.2CM 12.5CM 12.5CM
HE 0094-M

Wooden Puzzle Mystic Fox – 150 pcs '- Drewniane puzzle


Magic Animals

EAN: 5904151822175

Mystic Fox – 150 pcs

Wooden Puzzles with Double-Sided Figures

Number of parts: 150, contains 20 parts with unique shapes
Solving time: 180 minutes
Assembled size: 254×182 mm
Age limit: 8+
Perfect for a Gift

Attested and certified: CE, EN-71, ASTM D-4236
© Carrie Edwards / Interlitho Licensing GmbH
Made of 100% child-safe materials
Produced in Poland

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Ever wished you could work on a wooden animal puzzle that’s unlike any other?

Jigsaw puzzles aren’t only fun and relaxing. They also help us boost our creativity and confidence, especially as we see our creation come to life.

But after solving a couple of cardboard puzzles, you may be feeling bored with the usual selection of jigsaw sets. If you’re looking for a puzzle with a new and unique twist, we’ve got the perfect one coming out of the wilderness!

Challenge and excite your mind with the Wooden.City Wooden Puzzle Mystic Fox!

Solve our award-winning wooden fox puzzle and enchant yourself with the majesty of foxes.150-piece jigsaws feature a picture of the vulpine beauty in rich and brilliant colours. Because the image is directly printed on real wood and not paper, the colours won’t fade away over time.

This wooden shapes puzzle is crafted using sturdy wood, so it won’t crease or crumple. Unlike typical rectangular puzzles, this puzzle and its pieces are shaped in unique animal figures. All pieces are precisely cut, ensuring they slot neatly into one another.

Puzzle solving is a timeless and ageless hobby. Puzzles help children develop their creativity and practice fine motor skills. Sitting down to a puzzle after a long day is a great way for grown ups to unwind while honing their memory and problem solving skills. Family puzzles for kids and adults are a fantastic way to reconnect and bond!

Still not convinced? Here are more reasons you should get this wooden shape puzzle:

– Manufactured in Poland, Toy of the Year 2018 awardee
– For kids aged 8 and up
– Comes in a beautiful cardboard or wooden box
– We’ll replace missing parts and broken pieces for free
– Shapes you won’t find anywhere else made by expert designers

Level up your puzzling experience. Add the Wooden.City Wooden Puzzle Mystic Fox to your basket TODAY!


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