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400 wooden parts
8 assembly time
1.2 Kilograma
35.5CM 24CM 4CM

Wooden Express with Rails


Wooden Mechanical Model

EAN: 5906874128381

From childhood everyone dreamed of having a toy train with rails, to run it and watch the way it rides. Even if you’re not a kid anymore we have something interesting for you. Perfect designed wooden express with realistic details help you to go back to the past and recollect your memories and feelings. Assemble the model with your friends or children, put it on rails and enjoy moments of fun and happiness.

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Product description

Some functions of assembled model: ⠀

  • it starts with a special key;
  • has a smoke box door;
  • has a driving wheels;
  • coupler which connect express and tender; 
  • rides back and forward;
  • rides around;


Some facts about this mechanical set: 

  • made of eco wooden materials;
  • assemble without glue;
  • number of parts: 384;
  • assembly time: 480 min.;
  • made in EU;
  • the best present for anyone.


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