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Our 4×4 3D puzzle of a famous American off-road vehicle. This model, once assembled is a complicated mechanism with fine details. It’s the precursor of today’s SUV, a vehicle with a masculine character!

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During the Second World War, the American motor company Willys-Overland Motors began production of their legendary army jeep, the Willys MB. In 1941, mass production of this military utility vehicle began, and they were immediately employed by the Allied forces in large quantities. They went down in history as reliable, maneuverable and functional. It truly was a „technical breakthrough,” and a real „motor of war.”

Today, both the jeep and its successor, the SUV, are expensive all-terrain vehicles designed for rugged individuals. They overcome obstacles, dust, roads, and hazards! They put real adventures right into your hands!

Our „4×4” exemplifies our difficult 3D puzzles for adults. It features everything you see in a real jeep:

  • an internal combustion engine with moving pistons, and a trigger lever at the rear of the vehicle;
  • a ratchet mechanism;
  • a lever to switch direction of movement;
  • three moving pedals (each are spring-loaded with its own rubber band control);
  • a hitch at the rear of the model designed for its trailer;
  • four-wheel drive and independent suspension on both axles;
  • removable shovel, ax, and jerry can;
  • rearview mirror;
  • a drive shaft and semi-axle shafts with crossings, just like you find on a real jeep.

Our „4×4” drives up to 2 meters. After assembly, set the lever position to forward or backward, put the locking lever in the stop position, wind up the model with the key (you’ll find the key in the spare wheel) and then lower the locking lever. The jeep has front wheel-steering. The hood opens and closes and is secured with two clips, and the windshield tilts.

This is the perfect model for playing with boys! Villains, spies, and the main heroes rush to their jeeps, and all the villains win! You can set up a „safari race” around all their toy animals.
Our „4×4” will be the „crown jewel” of your collection of self propelled wooden models.

Made in EUROPE Self Assembly ECO Product No Glue Parts 14 Plus

  • Number of details: 569
  • Assembly time: 12 hours
  • Model size: 279 x 151 x 148 mm
  • Package size: 355 × 240 × 51 mm
  • Package weight: 2.4 kg

Waga2.4 kg
Wymiary355 × 240 × 51 mm

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  1. Olivier B.

    Bought a kit back in September to give as a Christmas gift to my son, and I’m extremely satisfied with the product itself. Very detailed, very well constructed, sturdy, good looking (haven’t painted it yet, but may be later), one of the best building toy I have ever seen, and I’m a big fan of Meccano and Lego, and anything you need to construct. Some fitting requires the help of adults simply because it’s very tight, and needs a bit more muscle, but overall doable by an 8 years old who has a bit of experience. I was amazed to see how everything could be made out of wood, and without glue, and very simple tools, and how complex are the mechanisms and mechanical features. Looking forward for my next gift to give out to younger ones. And, yes, 12 hours is a fairly good estimation of time to complete the whole project (basic, without paint).

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