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Mystery Box

Mystery Box is not any old 3D puzzle game. Every detail in its assembly is of great importance. After all, the basis of its mystery is found in exact mathematical calculations and engineering ideas. Magic and precision are hidden within it.

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Inspired by the legend of the Fifth Element, we have created a box for your secrets. The lid opens with a key that connects the triangles. Four elements: mind, body, sight and hearing. And the fifth is love, which opens any locks.

This artistic embodiment of engineering cleverly hides a puzzle.

How to open the Mystery Box is not that easy to guess. The mystery of the secret box is found only with your own hands. The person who receives it will have to think before being able to open its wooden lid embossed with magical patterns.

Our Mystery Box 3D Puzzle by WOODEN.CITY is designed to be a unique conversation piece within the home. It’s an unusual gift for those who love beauty and surprises.

It is designed to win over someone’s heart!

Made in EUROPE Self Assembly ECO Product No Glue Parts 14 Plus

  • Number of details: 176
  • Assembly time: 4 hours
  • Model size: 143 x 140 x 105 mm
  • Package size: 355 × 240 × 40 mm
  • Package weight: 1.2 kg

Weight1.2 kg
Dimensions355 × 240 × 40 mm

1 review for Mystery Box

  1. Jan

    Its a cool box which looks fantastic. The locking system works if you have understand it (if you test it while building it doesn’t seem to be working properly but it does after full assembly). The wooden parts hold together tight without glue and the parts which can easily break have spare parts. For assembly its good if you have a little knife to cut the connection between the frame and the parts because some sections of the part can break. I think its an 10/10 set if you like this look

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