If you don’t know where to hide your banknotes, this model will be such a great decision. Just figure your own numerical code out and don’t tell it anybody. 

202 wooden parts
5 assembly time

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of model „Safe”

Some functions of assembled model:   ? mechanism imitates the work of the bank safe; ? the safe has on top of the handle body for easy transfer; ? there is a shelf inside; ? this model is closed on a digital lock;  ? the door has a mechanical lock with a code combination of three numbers; ? the numerical value of the code can be changed at any time; ? in case you forgot your password, you can use the secret function and open the safe (this method is described in the instructions).   Some facts about this mechanical set:    ? made of eco wooden materials; ? assemble without glue; ? number of parts: 202; ? assembly time: 240 min.; ? made in EU; ? the best present for anyone ?.



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