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World Map Expedition Series Dots

Are you dreaming to be a travel blogger? We’re 100% sure the pictures of that map will get maximum likes on your Instagram and Facebook. And you may start planning your next expedition! It’s very easy to assemble that wooden set. You have 3 layers with little additional parts. Just assemble and put a map on the wall. 

You may also choose which model you prefer more: series Dots or series Words. Or maybe you will choose both ?

40 wooden parts
1 assembly time

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of model „World Map Expedition Series Dots”

What else you may find in this set? ? compass on the top right corner; ? meridians and parallels; ? continents shown as bitmap (Series Dots); ? continents shown as country names (Series Words); ? cute details for inspiration.   Some facts about this mechanical set:  ? made of eco wooden materials; ? assemble without glue; ? number of parts: - series Dots: 40, - series Words: 31; ? made in EU; ? perfect design ?; ? the best present for anyone ?.



Contact us and we will send you the missing parts.

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