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World Map XL 120 cm x 80 cm x 0,4 cm

Wooden World Map 3D puzzle for your wall. Made easily with your own hands and secured to any surface with double-sided tape. Mark your travels on the map and enjoy your memories!

1200mm x 800mm x 4mm

wooden parts
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of model „World Map XL 120 cm x 80 cm x 0,4 cm”

“Never save on what you cannot do again,” said the famous American writer and traveler Tony Wheeler. Have you visited many countries in Europe or Asia? Do you live in America or have you flown to this country recently? Then travel is in your blood! Perhaps you are just taking your first international trip. In any case, your wall-mounted World Map will be your guide to the world of memories, experiences, and adventures. Do you have many stories from all sorts of different cities and countries? Now you can recollect them, sitting at the table with your friends, and share your impressions, showing them the places on the map where you have been. If you are traveling with your whole family, then the children will definitely want to paint where they’ve been on the map with acrylic paints! Can you mark the countries you’ve visited with flags? Yes, easily! The wood is soft enough to plant miniature flag poles. Get out and travel more often, but do not forget that your World Map is waiting for you at home so that you can plant your next “flag”.



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