Darmowa dostawa dla zakupów za min. 1000zł

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42 drewnianych detali
1 godzin na zebranie
0.12 Kilograma
17.5CM 24CM 0.7CM

Puzzle 3D Judgment Day RMT-870 – Drewniany Model do Składania - prezent dla chłopaka


Drewniany Model Mechaniczny

EAN: 5903641494099

  • Made of eco-wood materials;
  • Number of parts: 42;
  • Assembly time: 90 min.;
  • Made in EU;
  • The best present for anyone.

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Opis produktu

Do you want to feel the thrill of shooting sports with your friends? Don’t forget to bring your gun. Pay attention, because we want to show you something interesting and creative, something that will complement your collection and you can shoot and have fun even at home. What if you might  built the gun yourselves of wooden parts? Intrigued? We present you a novelty in the world of wooden mechanical self-assembled sets.  Judgment Day RMT – 870. You will find such a gun only in our store!

You don’t need glue for assembling. The assembled model fires special cartridges in the form of rubber bands. The set has 8 pieces. Five rubber bands can be fired at a time. There is also a fuse and a ammunition store.


Mobimods sp. z o.o.



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Opcje dostawy:


Czas dostawy: 1-2 dni

Odbiór osobisty: Robotnicza 70E, 53-608 Wrocław.

Afryka, Azja, Ameryka Południowa, Turcja:

Czas dostawy: 7-14 dni.

Reszta Świata:

Czas dostawy: do 24 dni.


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