About Us

Few words about Wooden.City Wooden.City

It all started in 2015 when we designed our first model. Its effect became an inspiration for the assumptions of the Wooden.City brand – a company whose mission is to create wooden mechanical models and 3D puzzles. Our team consists of people whose creativity knows no bounds and every day turns into creating new products that provide a lot of fun and satisfaction for self-assembly models.

Our main goal is to provide wooden mechanical models with perfect design and mechanics. How are our products made? For their production, we use only certified, environmentally friendly birch plywood, and their precise shapes are cut with laser devices. The production process is fully automated and each model is thoroughly tested by highly qualified technicians.

Experience, ambition and innovation allowed us to reach 40 countries around the world with Wooden.City products. Currently, our offer includes forty wooden projects characterized by various levels of complexity. You can choose from wooden gadgets, cars and puzzles that will not only provide a lot of fun, but can also become an unusual interior decoration. Anyone who becomes the owner of our unique models can count on the service of a qualified advisor who will provide help and additional guidance during the submission. In addition, we make it possible to order lost or damaged parts so that our customers can always get as much joy and satisfaction from assembling.

Wooden.City models are 100% Polish products – they are made in Wrocław, but we will deliver them wherever there are modeling enthusiasts!

Our puzzles conforms to ASTM D-4236 and EN71