Christmas Puzzles

Christmas puzzles feature beautiful motifs, often related to the Christmas season. They are a wonderful way to create the right atmosphere and provide the opportunity for many long winter evenings of entertainment. The best choice would be high-quality wooden puzzles, which are one of our recommendations.

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Christmas puzzles – a good gift idea

Christmas puzzles immediately bring a smile to both children and adults. After all, they evoke images that we associate with a time of joy and relaxation. For this reason, it’s worth considering them as a gift, both for a loved one and for yourself. Naturally, the best choice would be wooden sets, which you can order from Wooden.City. All our products are made from certified birch plywood, ensuring their high quality. In addition to puzzles with this theme, we also offer other designs, as well as 3D puzzles – mechanical models in the form of vehicles, trains, dinosaurs, board games, or world maps to hang on the wall. We invite you to explore our comprehensive offering.

Why choose them?

Puzzles are always an interesting gift, and wooden ones will bring even greater joy to the recipient. Puzzles are a proven source of entertainment, especially during the winter season when there are still many months of cold and gloomy evenings ahead, and we try to arrange our free time at home or in our apartment. The person receiving them will undoubtedly be delighted with puzzles that will provide a lot of enjoyment during this time. However, it’s worth considering such puzzles not only for someone else because by purchasing them in November or December, you can provide a lot of enjoyment for yourself or your whole family. After all, puzzles can be assembled by parents with children, fostering togetherness before the Christmas season and creating an even better atmosphere before this magical time of the year. Once completed, these sets can be framed and hung on the wall, adding a tasteful and warm Christmas accent to the interior.

Christmas puzzles in our offering

Christmas puzzles are a certain classic, although we offer them in an improved – because wooden – form. We are a Polish manufacturer, and our sets are made from carefully selected birch plywood. It’s tactile, durable, and safe for allergy sufferers. The production process is automated, and laser devices are used to cut precise shapes. Our team ensures that every set we send out is of a high standard, and if needed, you can always order individual pieces from us, for example, in case one gets lost.

Several variants in different sizes

The Christmas theme generates significant interest, so we have developed several sets that relate to Christmas in various ways. You’ll find wooden puzzles with which you can create Santa’s Workshop or a Christmas Street. The sets are available in various sizes, differing in the number of pieces. This way, you can choose smaller sets that children can handle or very large sets perfect for teenagers and adults, as well as for assembling together with a family. The largest variant of the Christmas Street has a whopping 4000 pieces. We also offer wooden puzzles related to New Year’s Eve, which are very fitting for this period. We invite you to explore our Christmas-themed puzzle offerings.