Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:20.43” (51,9 cm)
W:14.76” (37,5 cm)
D:0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembled Size

The Magic of Christmas Eve 1000 Wooden Puzzle


Discover the enchanting world of “The Magic of Christmas Eve 1000 Wooden Puzzle”, a captivating jigsaw puzzle from a renowned Polish manufacturer in the European Union. This exquisite puzzle promises to bring the joyous spirit of Christmas to your home.

Wooden Puzzle 1000 The Magic of Christmas Eve 8
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Engaging and Beautiful Wooden Puzzle

In this Wooden Puzzle, you will find a beautifully illustrated scene of Santa Claus with gifts, set in a festively decorated interior with a radiant Christmas tree. It’s not just a puzzle; it’s a festive journey in every piece.

Experience a world of vibrant colors and unique designs with “The Magic of Christmas Eve 1000”. Each of the 1000 pieces is distinct, creating a challenging and rewarding assembly process. Ideal for puzzle enthusiasts of all ages, it’s perfect for those over 14 years.

Unique Piece Design for Enhanced Enjoyment

Every piece in this puzzle is uniquely shaped, ensuring a fascinating and enjoyable building experience. The inclusion of large, thematic pieces like animals or landmarks varies depending on the puzzle’s theme, adding an intriguing twist to the assembly process.

Wooden Puzzle 1000 The Magic of Christmas Eve Opis 6
Wooden Puzzle 1000 The Magic of Christmas Eve 1

A Memorable Family Activity

Assembling this puzzle is an excellent way to spend quality time with your family. It’s an engaging activity that brings everyone together, creating lasting memories and strengthening bonds.

A Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

This puzzle makes an exceptional gift, ideal for both puzzle enthusiasts and those new to the hobby. Its captivating theme and exquisite craftsmanship ensure it will be a cherished present.

Girl Sitting With Wooden.City Puzzle
Wooden Puzzle 1000 The Magic of Christmas Eve Opis 3

Transforms into Elegant Wall Decor

Once completed, “The Magic of Christmas Eve 1000” becomes a stunning piece of wall art. Its intricate design and vivid imagery make it a fantastic addition to any room, adding a touch of elegance and festive charm.

Theme-Specific Cut Pieces for Added Interest

Our puzzles feature thematic cutting, with each puzzle having its own unique theme. In animal-themed puzzles, you will find animal-shaped pieces, and in travel-themed puzzles, pieces shaped like famous landmarks.

Boy Putting Together Wooden.City Puzzle

A Two-Sided Puzzle for More Challenge

Each puzzle piece is double-sided, featuring a pattern on the back to assist in assembly. This adds an extra layer of challenge and enjoyment to the puzzle-solving experience.


Series/ArticleNB 0803-XL
Number of elements.1010 pcs
Number of whimsies100 pcs
Assembled sizeH: 20.43” (51,9 cm) 
W: 14.76” (37,5 cm)
Packaging sizeH: 8.66’’ (22 cm)
W: 8.66’’ (22 cm)
D: 2.75’’ (7 cm)
Packaging weight1,34 lb (0,61 kg)
Puzzle thickness: 0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembly time13h
Type of CutChristmas
Back sideИзображение выглядит как одежда, ткань, шаблон, Орнамент  Автоматически созданное описание

In conclusion, “The Magic of Christmas Eve 1000” is not just a puzzle; it’s a celebration of family, art, and the festive spirit of Christmas. It’s an enjoyable, challenging, and ultimately rewarding experience that leaves you with a beautiful piece of art and wonderful memories.

Additional information

Weight0.607 kg
Packaging Dimensions22 × 22 × 7 cm



Extra Large

Assembly time


Difficulty level

Expert Level


20.43”(51,9cm) x14.76”(37,5cm)


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