Car Lovers Gifts

A car lover gifts can take various forms. Typically, these are presents related to the automotive theme but from completely different industries. Wooden puzzles, especially in the form of 3D sets for assembling various vehicles, can be such an idea. Any enthusiast of traveling on two or four wheels will undoubtedly be thrilled to receive such a gadget.

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Puzzles as an unconventional car lover gifts

A gift for an automotive enthusiast should evoke excitement. To achieve this, it’s worth considering something less standard. If you’re tired of choosing another ready-made model made of synthetic materials or car accessories, take a look at wooden assembly kits. In our offering, you will find various mechanical models for assembling various vehicles – cars, motorcycles, buses, race cars, and even tractors.

Entertainment and decoration

3D puzzles of this kind will primarily provide much more enjoyment because the recipient will be able to assemble their vehicle themselves, not just unwrap it. After assembly, each of our sets looks so interesting and spectacular that it can be displayed on furniture for tasteful interior decoration. These models also have functioning mechanisms that make a huge impression when set in motion. Some of them are available in a limited edition, with elements painted in various colors, making the finished model even more impressive. In our offering, you will also find other models, including trains, clocks, airplanes, dinosaurs, as well as classic 2D puzzles, world maps, and board games.

A car lover gifts from Wooden.City

A car lover gifts don’t have to be boring and obvious. It’s enough to choose something that can be assembled from wooden puzzles instead of another car gadget or a ready-made vehicle model. Our products are meticulously crafted in terms of quality and style. Thanks to this, our assortment always meets the most demanding expectations. We are a Polish manufacturer that prepares models in Wroclaw, laser-cutting elements from certified birch plywood. This material is pleasant to the touch and durable, ensuring the solidity of the assembled sets. For automotive enthusiasts, you will find a whole range of proposals from us, not only in the form of mechanical models. An interesting option might be a keychain that, once assembled, can be attached to keys, and carried at all times.


Probably the largest number of people are passionate about four-wheeled vehicles. We offer various models of wooden cars, including classics like Buggy, Hot Road, or Roadster, as well as impressive 4×4 off-road cars and stylish racing cars. You will undoubtedly find a variant that suits the preferences of the person you want to give it to, and each of the cars provides at least several hours of satisfying assembly.


Besides cars, many people are passionate about two-wheeled travel, and this is not about bicycles. Therefore, we have prepared several sets of fantastic motorcycles for self-assembly. It could be Cafe Racer, MotoCross, or Cruiser V-Twin. A stylish gadget in the shape of a Chopper keychain also arouses a lot of interest.

Other Vehicles

Preferences of those who love the automotive world often include less obvious vehicles. In our offering, you will also find gift ideas for such people, for whom you can choose 3D puzzles to assemble a tractor or a London bus. A very interesting concept might be to go for a 3D puzzle of a V8 internal combustion engine. Wooden puzzles that create stylish models after assembly are excellent as gifts for automotive enthusiasts. Check out exactly what we have to offer in this category now.