Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:6,69‘’ (17 cm)
W:3,07’’ (7,8 cm)
D:2,36’’ (6 cm)
Assemled Size

Hot Rod Wooden Puzzle 3D


Get ready for an immersive experience with the Hot Rod Wooden Puzzle 3D. This detailed model captures the thrill of assembly, promising an engaging journey of creation from start to finish.

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The 3D Wooden Puzzle Car Experience

Step into a captivating world of mechanics with the Hot Rod, an extraordinary 3D Wooden Puzzle Car. Expertly crafted from high-density birch, this model offers you a unique chance to experience the satisfaction of building and understanding mechanical machinery.

A Masterpiece of Mechanics

This Hot Rod model is a marvel of mechanical engineering. Complete with a pull-back mechanism, it delivers a dynamic performance as it moves approximately one meter both forward and backward. The openable doors add another layer of realism, immersing you even further into the assembly process.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Hot Rod Opis 4
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Hot Rod Opis 6

Functional Packaging

The Hot Rod model comes in an innovative package that you can repurpose into a stand for your finished model. This clever use of packaging further extends the assembly experience and provides an elegant solution for displaying your achievement.

An Unforgettable Gift

The Hot Rod model is a remarkable gift for those who appreciate the interplay between mechanics and assembly. It provides hours of intellectual stimulation and a rewarding sense of accomplishment upon completion, making it a unique and thoughtful present.

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Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Hot Rod Opis 2

A Stunning Decorative Piece

Aside from its appeal as an assembly project, the Hot Rod model is also a stunning decorative item. Its intricate details, coupled with its ability to move, set it apart from conventional decor, making it a focal point in any setting.

Details that Dazzle

The Hot Rod model is teeming with striking features that enhance its authenticity. From the steer wheels that improve grip, to the openable doors and sunroof, control elements, and imitation mirrors and lights, each detail contributes to the overall realism of the model.

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Spare parts7
SetRubber band 1,5х1,5 d15 L20 -3
Rubber band 1,5х1,5 d30 L40 -2
Rubber band 1,5х3,5 D80 L130 -3
Candle -1
Sandpaper -1
Difficulty level3/5
 Assembly time, min2 h
Model dimensionsH: 6,69‘’ (17 cm)
W: 3,07’’ (7,8 cm)
D: 2,36’’ (6 cm)
Package size, mm240х175х28
Model scale1:32
Path length39.37” (1 m)
Rubber motor
Pull-back mechanism.
Steered wheels
Openable doors
Detailed engine
Control elements (steering wheel, levers)
Reverse movement (backward)
Box – podium/displaying stand
Can be a good decor element
The model box is made of wood. Inside there is
an instruction on how, after assembling the model,
you can also assemble the box into a demonstration stand.


The Hot Rod is an engaging assembly project, an educational exploration of mechanics, and a stylish decorative piece all rolled into one. Whether you’re gifting it or enjoying it for yourself, this model promises a unique and rewarding experience.

Additional information

Weight0.31 kg
Packaging Dimensions24 × 17.5 × 2.8 cm
Model Scale


Assembly time


Mechanical functions


Difficulty level

Medium Level


Natural Wood


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