DIY Gifts

A DIY gift is an original and unique present. It will undoubtedly appeal to the recipient, who will appreciate the effort and the fact that they will receive something that will require their own creative ingenuity. Wooden puzzles are an excellent choice, especially those made from wood, which are more valuable and elegant than their plastic counterparts. Check out what we have to offer.

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Thinking of a DIY gifts? Consider wooden models and puzzles

A DIY gift from Wooden.City is a great solution for various occasions. You can think of them for birthdays, holidays, communions, or confirmations. Importantly, they are suitable for both children and adults. Our wooden sets come in various variations, but they are all united by the highest quality, guaranteed by a Polish manufacturer. All models are made from certified birch plywood, which is a completely safe material.

Mechanical Models

Our wooden mechanical models, assembled as 3D puzzles, make an excellent gift idea. Many of these models are quite advanced and are suitable as gifts for adults, and often even collectors. We offer a wide range of themes, from trains and vehicles to clocks and even dinosaurs. The parts are prepared from certified birch plywood and are laser-cut to obtain perfect shapes. Importantly, no glue is needed for assembly, and it can be done without the use of additional tools.


In addition to the mentioned models, we recommend our 2D wooden puzzles. We offer a very wide thematic range and a choice in terms of puzzle complexity. You will find puzzles with fewer pieces, perfect for children, as well as advanced sets with 1000, 2000, or even 4000 pieces, which will be very attractive to teenagers and adults. We also offer variations with different shapes, such as animals. Moreover, each set contains additional elements that correspond to the theme of the puzzle, making them even more attractive.

DIY gifts to stimulate creativity

A DIY gifts are both imaginative and relatively safe. After all, by giving something that the recipient has to assemble themselves, you greatly reduce the risk of duplicating ready-made items that the person may already have. Additionally, such a gift can be received more personally, as something specifically chosen for that person, rather than a universal and standard choice. In our offering, you will also find world maps for self-assembly that can be hung on the wall.

A form of entertainment

Both children and adults often find themselves with a collection of presents after birthdays or other occasions that soon gather dust on a shelf or end up deep in a closet. A gift that requires the recipient’s engagement, such as wooden models and puzzles, ensures that the person will remember the gift for longer and gain much joy from assembling it. Our models and puzzle sets are visually appealing, so it’s usually worth leaving them on display as a beautiful decoration. In this case, the person who received such a gift will cherish it for a long time, as it can become a permanent part of their home decor. Feel free to explore our sets, which are perfect as creative presents.