Wooden World Map Puzzle For Children

The wooden world map puzzle for children is an impressive and easy-to-assemble set. Such models are very popular, so we have created a special collection dedicated to the youngest, which they will surely love. This type of puzzle is characteristic in that it is worth mounting permanently after assembly, providing a valuable element for decorating a children’s room.

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Wooden world map puzzle for children – an idea for educational decoration

The wooden world map puzzle for children looks very impressive. It’s an opportunity to awaken the explorer and traveler instincts in the youngest. Such sets have an additional educational value as they help children learn about our planet. In our offer, you can also find other high-quality wooden products, such as mechanical models in the form of vehicles, trains, clocks, or dinosaurs, board games, keychains, and other gadgets. We encourage you to explore our comprehensive range.

Fun and decorative

These wall puzzles are something unusual and surprising. Children will certainly enjoy the idea of attaching such elements to the wall, guaranteeing a lot of fun for both the youngest and their parents. An assembled map will undoubtedly serve as the basis for long hours of play. Adults will be pleased that they can decorate a room with something tasteful and presentable, rather than placing another picture or poster there. Such sets are both a source of entertainment and a stylish addition to interiors. Similarly, the 2D wooden puzzles available at Wooden.City with beautiful and interesting graphics will work well.

Wooden world map puzzle for children with animals – our unique sets

The wooden world map puzzle for children is a project that we have developed especially for younger users. The names of countries have been replaced with beautiful graphics of animals that are characteristic of a given region. This further enhances the aesthetic value of the assembled set, which fits even better into the decor of a children’s room. At the same time, children will learn about the species of animals in different parts of the world, gaining valuable geographical knowledge that will help them shine in school. Kids can also mark on such a map where they’ve been and where they’d like to go someday.

Available in different sizes

Children’s rooms come in various sizes, depending on available space and the number of siblings sharing a room. Therefore, we have prepared our world map with animal-shaped elements in several sizes: M, L, XL, and XXL. This allows you to choose the variant with dimensions that best suit the available space to be utilized. If you have a lot of space, it’s worth considering larger XL or XXL sets, which will certainly look particularly impressive and stylish. All Wooden.City products, including these wall decorations, are made from environmentally friendly birch plywood, and precise shapes are achieved by laser cutting. The entire range is produced in Poland, specifically in Wroclaw, and is available to all model and puzzle enthusiasts. We invite you to explore our offerings in this category, where you will find fantastic maps that are sure to delight children.