40 min
Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:22.44'' (57 cm)
W:14.96'' (38 cm)
Assembled Size

World Map Animals M Wooden Puzzle 3D


Delve into the artistic world of the World Map Animals M Wooden Puzzle 3D. This masterpiece from Poland intricately captures the essence of the Earth and its magnificent creatures, promising an educational and delightful experience.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map Animals M 4
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Unraveling the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle

Introducing the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle, a harmonious blend of creativity, education, and craftsmanship. Constructed from the durable birch, this map is more than just an ornamental piece; it’s an interactive learning platform adorned with animals from every corner of our planet.

The Magic of Animals

Embark on a global journey from the comfort of your home. This map, dotted with intricate animal figures, offers both children and adults an opportunity to explore wildlife. Perfect for a child’s bedroom or study area, it stimulates curiosity and fosters an appreciation for biodiversity. Whether they’re painted in a burst of colors by a child or artistically done by an adult, the animals on this map come to life, offering an additional layer of engagement and fun.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map Animals M Opis 1
Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map Animals M Opis 2

Design Meets Education

Beyond its decorative appeal, the map serves as an educational tool. It nurtures a child’s understanding of geography and the animal kingdom, allowing for exploratory learning. The inclusion of arrows indicating cardinal directions ensures that users get a true sense of our world’s orientation, enhancing its educational value.

A Versatile Decor Element

Its design facilitates easy fastening to the wall, transforming any space into a visual treat. And with the provided adhesive tape, mounting becomes a breeze. Whether in a child’s room, a classroom, or even a living room, its presence is bound to invite admiration and inquisitiveness.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map Animals M Opis 3


Model dimensionsH: 22.44” (57 cm)
W: 14.96” (38 cm)
Package sizeH: 9.44” (24 cm)
W: 6,88” (17,5 cm)
D: 1.1” (2,8cm)
Assembly time40 min
Model scale1:57 000 000
Can be a decor element
Possibility of fastening to the wall
Arrows of cardinal directions
Adhesive tape for wall mounting included
Possibility of hand painting
Educational function (for children)

Gift of Knowledge and Aesthetics

Searching for a meaningful gift? This map offers the perfect combination of aesthetics and education. It’s a gift that resonates with both children eager to color their world and adults appreciating refined wooden decor.

In essence, the World Map Animals M is not just a piece to adorn your walls; it’s a gateway to knowledge and creativity. From Poland to your home, this map promises quality, engagement, and a journey that transcends borders. Dive into this adventure, let your imagination soar, and let every corner of your room resonate with the whispers of the world.

Additional information

Weight0.55 kg
Packaging Dimensions24 × 17.5 × 2.8 cm
Assembly time


Model Scale



0 to 99


Natural Wood

Difficulty level

Beginner Level


22.44''(57cm) x14.96''(38cm)


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