Wooden Animal Shaped Puzzles

Wooden animal shaped puzzles are unique animal portraits featuring, among others, foxes, lions, cats, and trendy alpacas. These puzzles stand out because they are not only adorned with a chosen graphic but are also shaped according to the theme they represent. The lion puzzle, for instance, takes the form of a majestic lion’s head, while the cat puzzle has a sleek feline contour. Moreover, these types of puzzles are divided into irregularly shaped pieces and special figures in the form of different animals. This further enhances the assembling process and raises the difficulty level of the selected products.

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Wooden animal shaped puzzles for children and adults

Wooden animal shaped puzzles are a suitable choice for both young puzzle enthusiasts and adults. Depending on the number of pieces, they can be a challenge for a toddler, an adult or even a senior. Thanks to their unique appearance and universal theme, these puzzles encourage even those children who don’t often engage with such games to solve them. They also make an intriguing gift for people of all ages. Why should you assemble them? The process of matching individual pieces engages both the mind and hands. When you think about how to assemble an image divided into many parts, you develop logical thinking and creativity. You also train your hand dexterity and coordination. Similarly, assembling puzzles also benefits children. They too enjoy such play, and during the process, they calm down and learn to concentrate. Our offer also includes standard 2D puzzles in many different designs to choose from. Additionally, we propose mechanical models that can take various forms, including vehicles, clocks, dinosaurs, and trains. Such products have a very positive impact on the development of both children and adults.

Wooden animal shaped puzzles as beautiful decor

All our wooden animal shaped puzzles are made from certified birch plywood. Using this material ensures that the puzzles are sturdier, resistant to mechanical damage or harmful effects of moisture. Wooden puzzle pieces don’t break and maintain their form, especially at the edges. As a result, even after multiple assembling and disassembling, they look brand new. Wood itself is also a more noble material than cardboard or plastic. Wooden puzzles, therefore, appear more elegant, eco-friendly, and above all, natural. Those shaped like animals almost look like a piece of art, characterized by beautiful colors and eye-catching graphics. As such, a completed puzzle serves excellently as wall decoration, for instance, in a child’s room. For those looking for similar decor for the living room, we recommend our wooden puzzles shaped like a world map.

Perfect as a gift

A portrait of majestic animals crafted from wooden puzzles can serve as both interior decoration and a gift for a loved one. If you’re interested in this puzzle theme, take a closer look at our puzzles, which not only depict representatives of the animal world but also take their shape. Remember, our puzzles are made in Poland, and if you lose pieces of your picture, we’ll send them to your address!