Gifts For Motorcycle Riders

A gifts for a motorcycle riders should reflect their passion. If you’re not sure about the specific items such a rider might need, it’s better not to buy them specialized clothing or accessories, as this person might not be satisfied with such choices. Instead, consider something original and surprise them with wooden puzzles that relate to this theme. You can find suitable sets in Wooden.City’s offering.

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Why choose puzzles as a gift for a motorcycle rider?

A gift for a motorcycle rider doesn’t have to be something obvious. Many people immediately assume that such a person needs more clothing or accessories for riding. However, most family and friends often think the same way. Wooden puzzles would be a less standard but undoubtedly more interesting and fitting choice, which will bring a smile and provide lots of entertainment during assembly. When thinking of such a present, it’s a good idea to choose something related to the world of motorcycles. Our 3D puzzles come to the rescue, allowing you to assemble models representing legendary vehicles of this type. It will be a real gem for collectors and all enthusiasts of two-wheeled travel.

High quality

All our products are 100% Polish and are made in Wroclaw. In the Wooden.City team, creativity and innovation combine with experience, allowing us to offer customers top-quality wooden puzzle models. They are precisely made from certified, environmentally friendly birch plywood, and the shapes are laser-cut. Our assortment in this category meets all expectations and will certainly appeal to every motorcyclist who appreciates the unique character of such a gift. In our offering, you will also find other wooden products, including 2D puzzles, world maps to hang on the wall, board games, and other gadgets.

Our gifts ideas for motorcycle riders

A gifts for a motorcycle riders in the form of sets from Wooden.City are a guarantee that you will pleasantly surprise the recipient. The person receiving it will gain several hours of pure entertainment and relaxation, and after assembly, they will have a stylish decoration that they can use to decorate their living space. Check out what we have to offer in this regard.

Mechanical models and more

3D wooden puzzles can create fantastic models, which, in the case of our products, have functioning mechanisms. We have prepared several variants for enthusiasts of such vehicles who can order a Cafe Racer motorcycle, MotoCross, or an incredible Cruiser V-Twin. The latter model is also available in a limited edition. This means that the elements are additionally painted, and after assembly, the motorcycle looks even more impressive. Each of these models has its specifics, so you can choose one of them or go for a series of fitting gifts for such a person. The sets are carefully designed stylistically, and the assembly itself is incredibly easy and enjoyable. Moreover, you don’t need glue for this, which is an additional advantage of our products. After assembly, it’s worth keeping them and placing them as a keepsake on a desk, shelf, or windowsill. In addition to larger models, motorcycle enthusiasts will undoubtedly appreciate our Chopper keychain, which can be assembled in just a few minutes, soon enjoying a beautiful decoration.