Wooden Puzzles - Countryside

Wooden puzzles depicting countrysides are the perfect choice for older aficionados of logical jigsaw puzzles. The scenes they depict include lavender fields, raging rivers and waterfalls, and sandy beaches. The images on these puzzles resemble the paintings we use to decorate our bedrooms and living rooms. Therefore, after completing the puzzle, you can confidently frame it or stick it directly to the wall.

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Birch plywood wooden puzzles with countrysides designs

The wooden puzzles with countrysides designs available in our store are made from certified birch plywood, which is eco-friendly and safe even for the youngest users. Puzzles made from this material offer far more practical benefits than those made from plastic or cardboard. They are stiffer and resistant to mechanical damage or moisture. This means they can be assembled repeatedly and will always look as good as new. Using wood for puzzle production also gives them a nicer, more elegant appearance. The finished puzzle can be used as a home decoration, and the puzzle itself can be gifted to a loved one, for example, for a birthday or Christmas. Our offer also includes a variety of other designs to choose from, e.g. animals, famous cities, or beautiful buildings. Mechanical models, which are 3D puzzles in the form of vehicles, trains, clocks, or dinosaurs, are also an interesting option. All products available in Wooden.City – including puzzles, board games, world maps, and keychains – are made from certified wood.

Wooden puzzles with an appealing countrysides design

The countrysides motif on wooden puzzles is attractive for both teenagers and adults. Just as puzzles with little animals entice young children to play, puzzles depicting landscapes appeal to slightly older individuals. However, the benefits of assembling puzzles are equally substantial for both children and adults. The activity of matching individual picture pieces engages both the hands and the mind. Especially if the shapes are irregular, as is the case with our puzzles. To enjoy the graphic of a beautiful landscape, you need to figure out how to fit the puzzle pieces and test your ideas through trial and error. As a result, you not only train your logical thinking and creativity but also improve hand-eye coordination. Children who often do puzzles perform better in technical subjects at school, and adults have better memory and clearer thinking. It’s worthwhile to continue assembling puzzles in adulthood, selecting themes that match your interests.

Irregular shapes

Puzzles depicting beautiful natural landscapes are one of the more challenging jigsaw categories. It’s also worth mentioning that we divide them into pieces that don’t have typical, regular shapes. Our wooden puzzles are composed of irregular pieces, among which you’ll also find unique figures. Importantly, all the puzzles available in our store are made in Poland. This speaks to their quality and precision of workmanship. We also remind you that if you happen to lose some pieces, you can contact us, and we’ll send them to your address, ensuring your puzzle is complete and can serve as a decoration in your home.