Extra Large Wooden Puzzles

Extra-large wooden puzzles consist of several thousand pieces. You can assemble a 2000-piece puzzle in approximately 18 hours, creating an image measuring approximately 80 x 50 cm. Products in this category are perfect for teenagers, adults, and seniors. Children aged 14 and older can also tackle them. These puzzles have been designed to cater to the interests of their future users, primarily featuring timeless natural motifs.

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Extra-large wooden puzzles as stunning decorations and gift ideas

Extra-large wooden puzzles are true works of art that can be displayed on a living room wall after completion, similar to the world maps available in our offer. Crafted from wood and meticulously painted, these puzzles serve as beautiful decorations and a source of pride. Wooden puzzles make excellent gifts both before and after assembly – as a stable picture or as a puzzle packed in eco-friendly packaging. They are far more durable than models made from alternative materials such as paper or foam. Wood doesn’t warp, fray, or deteriorate due to moisture, making plywood puzzles long-lasting and maintaining their aesthetic appeal for years, even with intensive use.

Extra-large wooden puzzles for the biggest puzzle enthusiasts

Extra-large wooden puzzles are not suitable for everyone. Younger children can assemble them with their parents or grandparents, but independently completing such a complex puzzle isn’t feasible for school-aged kids. These puzzles, divided into thousands of irregular pieces, represent the highest level of difficulty. They pose a challenge even to adults and seniors. To put together such an image, it’s best to work together or spread the task over at least two days. The process of fitting thousands of diverse elements together can be an excellent pastime on gloomy days and gray autumn afternoons. It also provides relaxation and stress relief. However, the most challenging puzzles are designed for true puzzle enthusiasts who constantly seek to push the boundaries of their mental abilities. Assembling thousands of varied pieces not only requires excellent logical thinking but also creativity. Additionally, the trial-and-error process of checking one’s ideas is excellent for hand dexterity and hand-eye coordination.

Safe material

Our puzzles, composed of such many elements, are a real treat for those who have already mastered logical puzzles. It’s worth noting that all our products are made in Poland from certified birch plywood, making them safe and environmentally friendly. If one of the thousands of pieces in your puzzle goes missing, reach out to us, and we will send it to your address! When you get tired of 2D puzzles, explore our 3D puzzle category, and choose one of our mechanical models. In our offer, you’ll find mechanical vehicles, airplanes, motorcycles, clocks, and even dinosaurs. Feel free to browse our comprehensive range, and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.