Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:20.43” (51,9 cm)
W:14.76” (37,5 cm)
D:0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembled Size

Music Castle 1000 Wooden Puzzle


Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of the Music Castle 1000. This piece captures the very essence of a musical realm, inviting you to discover its intricate tales and harmonies.

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A Mesmerizing Journey: The Magic of Wooden Puzzle

Dive deep into this captivating domain, where each segment reveals a narrative of melodies and harmonies. The scene showcases a castle, resonating with the dulcet tunes of a violin, a guitar, and a saxophone, majestically poised as if floating on water. Within these walls, figures wander, lost in the serene aura of the music-filled surroundings.

Distinctive Artistry

Standout features of this artwork include its meticulously crafted components. Every piece is unique, each with its distinctive shape. Enriching the assembly experience are the large thematic segments – be it wildlife or iconic landmarks, each segment narrates a tale of its own.

Wooden Puzzle 1000 Music Castle Opis 9
Wooden Puzzle 1000 Music Castle Opis 3

Cherished Moments with Family

Assembling this masterpiece is a shared journey of discovery, offering a delightful chance for family bonding. With designs ranging from captivating wildlife to alluring travel destinations, every segment tells its story. And, adding an element of surprise, the two-sided design – the reverse of each piece showcases a design, lending a helping hand in your assembly adventure.

An Exquisite Gift

In search of a unique present? Introduce the recipient to a world where narratives and tunes meld seamlessly. The Music Castle 1000 is not just an activity; it’s an odyssey waiting to be embarked upon, an impeccable gift choice for adults and youngsters over 14.

Puzzle Opis 2
Wooden Puzzle 1000 Music Castle Opis 5

Graceful Wall Art

Upon completion, this musical narrative stands as a testament to one’s dedication and artistry. An elegant addition to any room, it effortlessly transforms into a conversation piece, adding a touch of elegance to any space.

Vibrant Tones & Shades

The selection of colors breathes life into this masterpiece. Each shade, chosen with care, mirrors the moods and tones of the instruments and the tranquil ambiance of the castle.

Puzzle Opis 1


Series/ArticleLB 1010-0129-XL
Age14 +
Number of elements.1000 pcs
Number of whimsies100 pcs
Assembled sizeH: 20.43” (51,9 cm) 
W: 14.76” (37,5 cm)
Packaging sizeH: 7.87” (20 cm) 
W: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
D: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
Packaging weight1,34 lb (0,61 kg)
Puzzle thickness: 0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembly time13h
ArtistColin Thompson 
Type of CutLibrary 
Back side

To conclude

The Music Castle 1000 is not merely a recreational activity. It’s an exploration, an experience, a journey. It beckons you into a world where every segment holds a secret, a memory waiting to be unearthed. Embark on this voyage, for it’s not just about crafting an image, but creating lasting memories.

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Weight0.607 kg
Packaging Dimensions20 × 16.7 × 16.7 cm



Extra Large

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Expert Level


20.43”(51,9cm) x14.76”(37,5cm)


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