Gifts under 100$

A gift under 100$ is often sought after and falls within a budget where you can find something truly interesting for birthdays, name days, or other occasions. When looking for something unique, it’s worth thinking outside the box. This way, you can stand out with your gift and ensure that it brings genuine joy to the recipient. That’s why we encourage you to explore our ideas.

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Wooden puzzles as a gift idea under 100$?

A gift under 100$ provides a range of choices. However, it’s easy to end up selecting something like others might choose in this price range. On the other hand, wooden puzzles are a unique and appealing option for several reasons. In our store, you’ll find various intriguing options, including classic 2D puzzles, 3D puzzles on different themes, and many other fascinating wooden products. What sets them apart?


First and foremost, the advantage of such a gift is its practical use. It’s not just another item that will be set aside or placed on a shelf immediately after unwrapping. Depending on the chosen puzzle set, the recipient can enjoy several hours of great entertainment while assembling it. Many people will appreciate this because solving wooden puzzles is particularly enjoyable; it allows for relaxation and a brief escape from daily responsibilities.


Wooden puzzles stand out from standard gifts by exuding a sense of premium quality. They are much more tasteful, both when viewing the completed model and considering the aesthetics of individual pieces. We use certified and environmentally friendly birch plywood in our products, and each piece is meticulously cut using laser technology. Our expert team ensures that every element is perfect. By selecting such sets, you can be sure that it’s a well-received gift suitable for any occasion.

Find gift ideas under 100$ at Wooden.City

Choosing a gift under 100$ from our selection is easy. We are a Polish company that prepares all sets in Wroclaw, from where they are shipped to customers. Within this budget, we offer a diverse range of products. Moreover, if any part of the puzzle gets lost, simply contact us, and we will send you the missing pieces.

Wooden puzzles

In this price range, you can purchase most of our 2D puzzles with approximately 500 pieces, creating wonderful compositions inspired by various themes, including animals, travel, or breathtaking landscapes. Within this budget, you can opt for sets that guarantee hours of fantastic entertainment. You can also choose smaller kits. In our selection, you will find interesting variants, such as puzzles shaped like animals, making them an even more unique gift. Furthermore, each set includes irregularly shaped elements and a few parts that match the theme of the set.

Wooden mechanical models

You can also purchase some of our wooden mechanical models, which are 3D puzzles, within this price range. You will surely find something that aligns with the recipient’s interests. You can choose from smaller models of airplanes, motorcycles, or weapons. In this price range, we also offer small keychain models. Our models feature functional mechanisms, which is an added advantage.

Wooden maps and board games

Our maps are an excellent gift idea, and the size M fits within this price range. These are magnificent wooden pieces that you mount on the wall, creating an impressive world map display. Different sizes and variations with country names or animal illustrations, perfect for children, are available. Among our suggestions under 100$, you will also find wooden board games, offering a unique twist on classic games like chess, dominoes, or checkers. In our selection, you’ll surely find the perfect gift for your loved ones.