Children Wooden Puzzles

Children wooden puzzles are a wise choice if you’re looking for a durable, robust educational toy that you can gift to the youngest without any guilt. Puzzles are one of the oldest types of toys. Unlike many other options available on the market, they don’t cause overstimulation, yet they effectively stimulate a child’s brain, hands, fingers, and sense of sight. Assembling puzzles also doesn’t limit a child’s imagination; on the contrary, it encourages creative thinking and problem-solving.

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Safe, durable, and eco-friendly children wooden puzzles

Children wooden puzzles have numerous advantages, thanks to the natural properties of wooden plywood. A puzzle made of such material is resistant to damages that can occur with repeated assembly of paper puzzles. Wooden puzzles aren’t affected by moisture and don’t get damaged due to bending or hitting. Our products are also eco-friendly and safe for the youngest, as we produce them from certified birch plywood. Their quality is testified by certificates with which all available puzzle models are labeled. We offer not only classic 2D puzzles but also 3D puzzles in the form of mechanical models, such as vehicles, railways or dinosaurs. In our collection, you will also find wooden world maps, board games, keychains, and other gadgets.

Why choose wooden puzzles for children?

Children wooden puzzles are a perfect gift idea for a young individual – both because of their aesthetics and durability and for their application. In our collection, you will find many interesting puzzle designs. Apart from standard rectangular puzzles with intriguing graphics, we offer those shaped like animals. Additionally, individual pieces of each can take on less standard and irregular shapes. Certainly, matching pieces themed to a picture will be very interesting for children.


Assembling puzzles offers a range of developmental benefits for children. The process of matching individual pieces stimulates the mind, leading to the development of logical thinking and spatial imagination. The act of assembling puzzles itself is a training in fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. By honing such skills, children perform better in school, especially in writing or technical subjects. Additionally, while assembling puzzles, a child calms down and learns focus and concentration. They also get acquainted with teamwork techniques, especially when joined by parents, peers, or siblings in the assembly process. Wooden puzzles are a great gift idea because they look very appealing. Wood is not only durable but also aesthetic. Therefore, combined with appropriately chosen graphics, the assembled puzzle turns into a beautiful interior decoration that can adorn a child’s room wall.
Wooden puzzles for kids are available in various designs and different numbers of pieces to choose from. We offer puzzles suitable for young children (from 130 pieces) and puzzles that are challenging enough for teenagers or entire families. In the range, you’ll find models of various themes, allowing you to entice a child to play. Remember that our puzzles are made in Poland. If pieces are missing from the puzzle you chose, you can contact us, and we will send you the missing picture fragments.