Medium Wooden Puzzles

Medium wooden puzzles are puzzles made up of approximately 500 pieces. They are suitable for children aged 12 and older, teenagers, adults, and seniors. The average time it takes to complete one of these puzzles is around 6 hours, making it possible to finish the puzzle in a single afternoon. Puzzles of this level of difficulty work well both as individual entertainment and as an attraction for family gatherings or social events with friends.

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Medium wooden puzzles for older children and adults

Medium wooden puzzles often feature animals, cities, and landscapes. Their themes are suitable for older children, adults, and seniors who want to maintain mental clarity but don’t have time for overly complicated puzzles. When looking for something between small and large puzzles, medium-sized puzzles that can be completed in a day are a great choice. Younger and older users can benefit from solving these puzzles. Solving puzzles engages the brain, eyes, and hands, promoting precise movements, logical thinking skills, and hand-eye coordination. Puzzles are also a relaxing activity, teaching patience and perseverance while enhancing teamwork skills when solved with others. They offer a range of benefits regardless of the user’s age or whether they solve puzzles independently or with others. In our store, we also offer wooden world maps perfect for hanging on the wall.

Medium wooden puzzles make a perfect gift

Medium wooden puzzles, in contrast to their paper counterparts, stand out due to their durability and aesthetic appearance. Therefore, they make an excellent gift for a loved one. When tailored to a specific theme, they can be a perfect birthday, Christmas, or just-because gift. Our puzzles are made from certified birch plywood, fitting well with current ecological trends. Additionally, puzzles made from wood have several advantages. They are much more durable and user-friendly than puzzles made from plastics or paper. They are resistant to moisture and mechanical damage. Due to their thickness, individual pieces fit comfortably in the hand and together create a stable, aesthetically pleasing image that dazzles with beautiful colors and details. Completed medium-sized puzzles, consisting of 500 pieces, measure approximately 37 by 25 cm. This makes them suitable for wall decoration as well.


When looking for a gift for an older child, a senior, or an adult, consider medium-sized puzzles consisting of a few hundred pieces. They are an excellent source of entertainment, a way to keep the mind sharp, and a means to destress and combat boredom. For teenagers and adults, we can also recommend slightly more complex wooden mechanical models in the form of vehicles, airplanes, clocks, trains, or dinosaurs. All products available in our store are produced in Poland with attention to detail, so if any pieces go missing, you can always ask us to send replacements!