Large Wooden Puzzles

Large wooden puzzles consist of 1000 or more pieces. They are suitable for teenagers and adults, as well as for group assembly. The time required to complete such puzzles exceeds 10 hours. The finished picture typically measures around 50 by 40 cm, making it an impressive interior decoration. Our wooden puzzles, crafted from plywood, showcase themes tailored to the interests of future users. These include beautiful landscapes, animal motifs, or modern original graphics.

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Who are large wooden puzzles suitable for?

Large wooden puzzles do not fall into the category of puzzles that young children can handle independently. While a child can certainly assemble them with parents or older siblings, they are generally intended for users aged 12 and older. Puzzles composed of such many pieces are suitable for teenagers, adults, and seniors. Completing them takes about 13 hours for those built with 1000 pieces. You can choose to spread this task over several days or dedicate a whole rainy morning and afternoon to puzzle-solving. This form of entertainment works excellently during the autumn and winter months or when recovering from illness when physical rest is recommended but not necessarily mental rest. In our offer, you’ll also find intriguing mechanical models, 3D puzzles of various forms, such as vehicles, clocks, dinosaurs, airplanes, or trains. Another unique option is a world map for hanging on the wall.

Are large wooden puzzles worth choosing?

Large wooden puzzles are perfect for those who appreciate images filled with impressive details and graphics of substantial size, ideal for use as interior decorations. After assembling, puzzles in this category have dimensions that fit between a standard A3 and A2 format. They are truly large and can serve effectively as wall art. However, the value of large wooden puzzles extends beyond attractive decor. The process of fitting individual pieces together is an excellent exercise in patience, creativity, and logical thinking. Puzzle-solving allows you to ensure that your mind remains sharp regardless of the passing years. This form of entertainment works well for both individual activities and as a social activity during family gatherings or with friends. Collaborative puzzle-solving fosters bonding and helps find common ground. Moreover, assembling wooden puzzles that fit comfortably in your hand and look even better is a highly satisfying and relaxing activity. It allows you to disconnect from daily problems and forget about stress for an entire day.

Safe material

Our puzzles composed of over 1000 pieces are made from certified birch plywood. This material ensures that the puzzle will look impeccable even after a long time and will present itself elegantly and stylishly as a decoration. When selecting such a large puzzle set, you don’t even have to worry about the potential risk of losing pieces that would render the image incomplete – we will send you the missing fragments if needed!