Gifts For Kids

A gift for kids should be well thought out in several respects. On the one hand, it is, of course, essential to provide them with joy and entertainment. However, it is also worth considering something that, besides being fun, will contribute to the child’s development. Puzzle games have long been known to be an excellent choice for the youngest ones. By choosing wooden puzzles, you can go for even higher quality. Discover our ideas for such a gift.

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Looking for a gifts idea for a kids? Choose wooden puzzles!

A gifts for kids are always a significant challenge, regardless of whether it’s the parents, other family members, or friends buying it. Everyone wants to hit the recipient’s preferences. You can certainly count on this by choosing unique wooden puzzles that children can assemble by themselves or with mom and dad. We have prepared a range of sets that differ in complexity.

Sets for children of different ages

Toys for children must be selected based on their age, considering the child’s abilities and, most importantly, their safety. The size and number of elements are crucial in this regard. At Wooden.City, you can expect a wide variety of available options. Sets containing around 150 puzzles are recommended from the age of eight, while those containing 200-300 pieces are excellent for children above 10 years old. For teenagers, you can choose puzzles with 500, 1000, or even 2000 pieces. As the child grows, you can increase the complexity level of the chosen sets to provide them with an exciting challenge and ensure hours of entertainment.

Why are our wooden puzzles a good choice for a kid’s gift?

A gifts for kids in the form of puzzles are a highly recommended idea. It’s one of the few presents that truly combine play and functionality. Choosing wooden versions is particularly beneficial. In our offering, you will find not only wooden 2D puzzles but also 3D ones, i.e., mechanical models in the form of vehicles, trains, airplanes, clocks, or dinosaurs, among others. However, that’s not all. Wooden board games, world maps for hanging on the wall, keychains, or other gadgets can also make ideal gifts. We encourage you to explore our range and select the right gift for your child!

Puzzles promote development

There is no doubt that such puzzles are a wonderful choice for children and a source of satisfaction for parents. The youngest ones will readily reach for puzzles with various shapes and interesting graphics, and during the assembly process, they will practice concentration and the ability to focus on one task. Additionally, matching puzzle pieces requires logical thinking and contributes to the development of visual memory. Lastly, the motor benefits, particularly hand and finger dexterity, should not be forgotten. Thus, puzzles are one of the best gifts you can choose for the joy and development of a child.

Eco-friendly and child-friendly materials

Unlike traditional puzzles made from synthetic materials, these wooden ones from Wooden.City are an environmentally friendly choice, teaching the youngest ones ecological responsibility. At the same time, engaging with puzzles made from this material will provide young users with much greater enjoyment, and the elements themselves are noticeably more durable. In addition, the puzzles are composed of irregularly shaped elements and extra pieces that thematically relate to the image, which also enhances the product’s attractiveness. All models are 100% Polish and made from certified birch plywood. We encourage you to choose available puzzle sets with a gift for young children and teenagers in mind.