Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:2,24‘’ (5,7 cm)
W:0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
D:0,98‘’ (2,5 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Puzzle – Widgets Ships


Set sail on a journey of craftsmanship and design with our Widget Ships Wooden Puzzle 3D.

Wooden 3D Puzzle Widgets Ships - 3
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Explore the World of 3D Wooden Puzzle Miniatures

Venture into the detailed world of 3D Wooden Puzzle miniatures and discover the artistry of creating your very own fleet of iconic ships.

A Fleet of Three

Each set boasts three distinct ship models, meticulously crafted to replicate the grandeur and detail of real-world vessels. Every curve, sail, and mast has been attentively designed to provide a sense of realism, creating a tangible connection to the vastness of the oceans and the ships that conquer them.

Wooden 3D Puzzle Widgets Ships Opis 1
Wooden 3D Puzzle Widgets Ships Opis 2

Dual Functionality: Build and Carry

However, these aren’t just static models meant for display. Each ship, crafted from the finest birch, serves a dual purpose. Once assembled, they transform into elegant key rings, allowing you to carry a piece of marine artistry wherever you go. It’s a subtle nod to your affinity for the seas and the vessels that traverse them.

The Ideal Gift

In a world often captivated by the digital, presenting someone with a tangible, intricate, and hands-on gift like this holds immeasurable value. Gifting the Widget Ships set isn’t just about the models; it’s about offering an enriching experience. The joy of piecing together each ship, the possibility of personalization, and the functional aspect makes it a memorable gift for occasions of all kinds.

Wooden 3D Puzzle Widgets Ships Opis 3


Assembly time3х10min
Skill level1/5
Number of parts total28
Model dimensions 1H: 2,32‘’ (5,9 cm)
W: 0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
D: 1,14‘’ (2,9 cm)
Model dimensions 2H: 2,24‘’ (5,7 cm)
W: 0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
D: 0,98‘’ (2,5 cm)
Model dimensions 3H: 1,57‘’ (4 cm)
W: 0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
D: 1,53‘’ (3,9 cm)
Packing sizeH: 4,17‘’ (10,6 cm)
W: 2,32‘’ (5,9 cm)
D: 0,66‘’ (1,7 cm)
Number of gears, pcs3, 3, 2
Can be a decor element
Key ring
Possibility of hand painting
The packing box is made of wood.
Inside there is an instruction on how,
after assembling the model, you can also
assemble the box into a demonstration stand.

An Elegant Addition to Any Decor

Beyond their assembly and utility, the ship models are a statement in elegance. Whether placed on a desk, bookshelf, or showcased in a cabinet, they add a touch of maritime charm and sophistication, turning any space into a focal point of conversation and admiration.

In conclusion, hailing from the heart of the European Union, Poland, our Widget Ships set embodies a fusion of art, mechanics, and tradition. Dive into this experience and let each ship stand as a symbol of your passion for the maritime world and intricate craftsmanship.

*In the characteristics table below the image, the size of the largest widget is written.

Additional information

Weight0.050 kg
Packaging Dimensions10.9 × 5.9 × 1.7 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Easy Level


0 to 99


Natural Wood

Mechanical functions



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