Wooden Animal Puzzles

Wooden animal puzzles is a category where you’ll find puzzles with an animal motif. This theme is especially popular among children and teenagers, but when presented in the right way, it can also be interesting for adults. These puzzles can depict both wild, exotic species and domesticated ones. Given that such a theme relates to the natural world, it’s worth framing the completed puzzle and using it as an interior decoration. They especially look great in a Scandinavian style setting.

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Wooden animal puzzles – suitable for children and adults

Wooden animal puzzles are composed of several hundred or several thousand uniquely shaped pieces. Depending on how they are divided, you can choose them based on the expected level of difficulty or simply based on the age of the user. Wooden puzzles can be used multiple times without worrying about losing their original appearance or any pieces becoming worn. All our products, including puzzles, as well as mechanical models – in the form of vehicles, dinosaurs, and trains – board games, keychains, and world maps, are made from birch plywood. This ensures their desired durability and resistance to moisture or mechanical damage. Once assembled, all pieces hold together without the need for glue, as each one is cut precisely with attention to detail. Speaking of details, it’s worth mentioning that among the pieces of each puzzle model, there are also figurines in unique animal shapes. This makes the process of matching all parts of the picture even more interesting.

Wooden animal puzzles offer interesting patterns and shapes encouraging assembly

Wooden animal jigsaw puzzles are suitable for children and adults, as this theme is timeless and universal. That’s why in our offer you’ll find not only standard puzzles featuring this motif but also puzzles shaped like animals. This option, with its unique form, is even more enticing to the youngest users. Graphics of an original shape that children can create on their own encourage them to think and consider how to fit individual pieces together. Such work stimulates intensive development not only of the child’s mind but also their hands and fingers. Thus, it trains fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. The benefits of assembling puzzles for adults are similar. This form of entertainment helps maintain hand dexterity, as well as mental clarity and excellent memory. Working on an animal-themed image is also a pastime for the whole family. Children can assemble puzzles with parents, and grandparents with grandchildren. Wooden models will last for generations.

A wide selection

Domestic dogs and cats, trendy alpacas and foxes, magnificent lions or majestic horses – no matter which animal is your favorite, in our offer you will surely find puzzles showcasing these representatives of the animal kingdom. You can also choose this type of puzzle as a gift for a loved one. Our puzzles will be a beautiful gift for a child, but also for an adult. Importantly, if a piece gets lost, we will send you the missing elements! Remember, our puzzles are produced in Poland from certified, eco-friendly materials, making them safe even for allergy sufferers.