Travel Gifts

A travel gifts should stimulate creative thinking and resonate with passion of travelers. There are various possibilities, and one excellent idea is to choose puzzles featuring beautiful landscapes. It’s best to opt for high-quality wooden puzzles that are more enjoyable to use. You can find many designs of such puzzles in our offering.

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Travel gifts in the Form of Wooden Puzzles

A travel gifts should pique travelers interest and excitement. People who love to explore the world often seek entertainment that doesn’t necessarily involve a computer or TV screen but rather something that requires creativity and creative thinking. Puzzles are perfect for this, especially when you choose our high-quality wooden sets.

Inspired by different regions of the world

In Wooden.City’s offering, you’ll find dozens of models inspired by travel. We offer sets featuring landscapes from various continents and countries. This way, you can choose places that you know the person has already visited or would like to visit. It can then serve as a reminder of a memorable journey or inspire them to pursue more dreams. We also offer entire collections inspired by specific countries. Do you know someone who is fascinated by British, American, Italian, or French culture? Be sure to give them one of the sets related to these regions.

Decorative value

Our team takes care of the high quality of puzzles, which we prepare in Poland from certified birch plywood, and we cut the shapes with laser precision. Thanks to this, individual elements, as well as completed sets, create beautiful pictures, suitable for framing and using as decoration in a home or apartment. Puzzles featuring beautiful landscapes are perfect for this purpose. Animal-shaped puzzles can also be an interesting idea for a traveler. In our assortment, you will also find other products, such as 3D puzzles – mechanical models in the form of vehicles, trains, airplanes, or dinosaurs, board games, keychains, and other gadgets.

Our wooden maps as a travel gift

A travel gift in the form of a map sounds like a very fitting present. Especially if it’s a wooden map that can be mounted on the wall. The recipient will undoubtedly be delighted. Our wall decorations with world maps are a gift created for all enthusiasts of exploring different parts of the globe. We offer them in various sizes: M, L, XL, or XXL. This way, you can choose an option that fits the room size of the person receiving the gift. Larger maps are available in several color options. For the youngest travelers, we have also developed wall maps that, instead of country names, feature elements in the shape of animals, relating to the fauna found in specific regions of the world. This will be an excellent solution as a gift for children. Travelers can mark points on such maps where they’ve already been and those they plan to visit. Explore our offering in this category, where you’re sure to find something suitable for a travel enthusiast.