Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:32.67'' (83 cm)
W:21.65'' (55 cm)
Assembled Size

World Map L Wooden Puzzle 3D


Discover the grandeur and elegance of the World Map L Wooden Puzzle 3D, an exquisite representation of our expansive globe. A testament to the exceptional craftsmanship from Poland, this piece is a confluence of art, geography, and European finesse.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map L 10
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The Beauty of the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle

Diving into the marvel that is the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle, one is immediately struck by its magnitude and the impeccable artistry it embodies. Crafted from the robust and beautiful birch, this model is more than just a puzzle; it’s a journey.

Design & Versatility

Every curve, every landmass, and every detail of this map is a reminder of the wondrous world we inhabit. As a decor element, it stands peerless. The grand size ‘L’ ensures that it becomes a focal point of any room – be it a corporate office that speaks of global endeavors or a living space echoing wanderlust.

The inclusion of arrows of cardinal directions lends it an educational charm, making it perfect for spaces of learning and curiosity. Moreover, the adhesive tape provided guarantees a hassle-free mounting experience, ensuring your space transforms effortlessly.

Personalize Your World

While the map in its natural birch hue is undeniably captivating, for those who wish to add a splash of creativity, it offers the opportunity for hand painting. Make it a reflection of your journeys, dreams, or simply your aesthetic sense. Your map, your rules.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map L Opis 17
Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map L Opis 8

An Ideal Gift

Searching for a present that’s both grand and meaningful? This map is the answer. It’s not just a gift; it’s a gesture. A gesture of understanding someone’s love for exploration, art, or both. It’s an offering that will be assembled with joy, displayed with pride, and cherished forever.


Model dimensionsH: 32.67” (83 cm)
W: 21.65” (55 cm)
Package sizeH: 13.97” (35,5 cm)
W: 9.44” (24 cm)
D: 1.57” (4 cm)
Assembly time1.5h
Number of parts total32
Model scale1:39 000 000
Can be a decor element
Possibility of fastening to the wall
Arrows of cardinal directions
Adhesive tape for wall mounting included
Possibility of hand painting

Transformative Decor

Beyond its function as a geographical model, it’s a transformative decor element. It’s not just about places but about stories, adventures, and dreams. It’s a reminder of the vastness we are a part of and the infinite possibilities that lie ahead.

In wrapping up, the World Map L is not just a product but an experience. From Poland to your space, it’s a blend of European artisanship, passion, and the timeless allure of our world. Here’s an invite to assemble, display, and cherish this masterpiece.

Additional information

Weight1.05 kg
Packaging Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm
Assembly time


Model Scale



0 to 99


Natural Wood

Difficulty level

Easy Level


32.67''(83cm) x21.65''(55cm)


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