Gifts under 20$

Gifts under 20$ offer an opportunity to approach the subject creatively. You can present something less obvious, something that will stand out among all the other gifts. This applies to occasions like birthdays, name days, or other special events. If you’re looking for a good idea, consider wooden puzzles. They are a wonderful choice because they are suitable for everyone, regardless of age. Both children and adults will surely appreciate them.

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Gifts Under 20$ for Every Occasion

Gifts under 20$ are often sought after. Setting such a budget for a gift allows you to not strain the buyer’s finances while also giving them the chance to choose something truly interesting. For those wondering what to choose within such a budget, we recommend the wide selection of wooden puzzles from Wooden.City.


Puzzles made from wooden pieces, rather than those made of plastic, are much more pleasant to touch and exude elegance. The completed pictures from them look fantastic, but in the case of the sets available from us, it’s worth noting how beautifully even individual fragments appear. Therefore, these wooden puzzles make for a tasteful gift even for adults and for various occasions, even more formal ones.

Functional and Decorative

You’ve probably encountered situations where, after a party, you end up with a bunch of presents that may have brought a smile when unwrapped but soon find themselves in the attic or at the bottom of a closet because you can’t find a use for them. Wooden puzzle sets are the opposite – firstly, they provide hours of wonderful entertainment while assembling, and secondly, once completed, they transform into decorations that you can frame and hang on the wall or display on a prominent shelf. It’s the perfect example of a gift that is both visually appealing and practical.

Find Gifts Under 20$ at Wooden.City

You can find gifts under 20$ in the form of wooden puzzle sets in Wooden.City’s offerings. By choosing our assortment, you opt for products from a Polish manufacturer that we prepare in Wrocław. Our team ensures their highest quality, both in terms of the precision of the shapes themselves and the refined style of the entire sets, so they look excellent once assembled.

Our Suggestions

With a budget of this amount, you can find some of our wooden mechanical model kits with moving parts. In this price range, you can choose models of weapons or dinosaurs, for example. Another interesting gift idea within this budget is our wooden board games. Finally, you can go for puzzles, which, like our other products, we craft from certified birch plywood and cut using laser equipment. In this price range, you’ll find sets with up to 200 elements on various themes, including travel or animals. We invite you to explore the offerings in this category because you’ll surely find the perfect gift for any occasion.