Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:14,76” (37,5 cm)
W:10” (25,4 cm)
D:0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembled Size

Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle


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Delve into a vibrant world of avian wonders with the “Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle.” A captivating portrayal of parrots such as Aras, Lovebirds, Toucans, and the enchanting Hummingbird, all perched in a lively selfie on branches, awaits your discovery.

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The Artistry of a Wooden Puzzle

This Wooden Puzzle not only challenges your skills but also takes you on a visual journey through a vivid tableau of parrots in their playful grandeur.

Stunning Visuals

The splashes of colors, intricate details, and the joyous expressions of the birds ensure a visual treat. Each piece brings to life the essence of these magnificent birds, making the jigsaw more than just a game, but a masterpiece.

Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle Opis 7
Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle Opis 5

Perfect Gift Choice

Whether for children above 10 or adults, this intricate product serves as a delightful gift, ensuring hours of engagement and a splendid visual treat upon completion.

A Decorative Gem

Once fully assembled, it stands as a testament to avian beauty, readily transforming into a decorative piece, enhancing any living space with its vivid colors and intricate details.

Puzzle Opis 2
Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle Opis 3

Building Bonds

Engaging in this jigsaw promises not just a challenging activity but a beautiful way to bond with family, creating lasting memories while assembling this picturesque avian landscape.

Thematic Uniqueness

Each of our products is crafted with a theme in mind. From animals to travel, unique elements pertinent to the theme are infused, enhancing the assembly experience manifold.

Puzzle Opis 1

Double-Sided Ingenuity

To aid your jigsaw assembly journey, each piece is double-sided, with a pattern on its reverse that assists in its placement, ensuring a smoother assembly experience.


Series/ArticleEX 0032-L
Number of elements.300pcs
Number of whimsies60pcs
Assembled sizeH: 14,76” (37,5 cm) 
W: 10” (25,4 cm)
Packaging sizeH: 5,98” (15,2 cm) 
W: 4,92” (12,5 cm)
D: 4,92” (12,5 cm)
Packaging weight0,66 lb (0,3 kg)
Puzzle thickness: 0,12” (3 mm)
Assembly time4h
Type of CutAnimal
Back side

In conclusion, the “Birds Paradise 300” is not just any jigsaw. It’s an immersive experience into the world of birds, a delightful challenge, and a beautiful story waiting to be pieced together by you.

Additional information

Weight0.3 kg
Packaging Dimensions15.2 × 12.5 × 12.5 cm




Assembly time


Difficulty level

Hard Level


14,76”(37,5cm) x10”(25,4cm)


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