Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:20.43” (51,9 cm)
W:14.76” (37,5 cm)
D:0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembled Size

Birds Paradise 600 Wooden Puzzle


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Introducing the “Birds Paradise 600 Wooden Puzzle”, a striking portrayal of nature’s vibrant avians, beautifully captured in a lively selfie setting.

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The Charm of the Wooden Puzzle

This Wooden Puzzle invites you into a captivating world where parrots of various kinds, including Aras, Lovebirds, the vibrant Toucan, and the swift Hummingbird, perch cheekily on branches, striking playful poses for the perfect snapshot.

Exquisite Artistry

Dive into a realm of colorful allure, with each piece showcasing the majestic beauty of these birds. Crafted with precision, every piece is unique, mirroring the individuality of the birds themselves.

Birds Paradise 300 Wooden Puzzle 2
Birds Paradise 600 Wooden Puzzle 2

Enhanced Jigsaw Experience

While the main theme revolves around these birds, the jigsaw also contains larger shaped pieces that reflect other elements of nature or landmarks, accentuating the jigsaw’s theme and making the assembly process even more intriguing.

A Gift to Remember

Perfect for children over the age of 10 and adults alike, this jigsaw promises not only an engaging activity but also a journey into the heart of nature, making it an unforgettable gift for any occasion.

Puzzle Opis 2
Wooden Puzzle 200 Birds Paradise opis 2

Transform Your Space

Upon completion, the vivid and lively image of “Birds Paradise” can serve as an exquisite decorative piece. Elevate the ambiance of any room by mounting this splendid scene on your wall.

Family Bonding Time

Assembling is more than just a pastime; it’s a bonding activity. Share stories, challenge each other, and celebrate small victories as you piece together this vibrant tableau.

Puzzle Opis 1

Unique Thematic Cuts

Every product offers its own story. While this one celebrates the beauty of birds, other themes might take you on a journey through wildlife or a tour around the world’s landmarks, each with its distinctive set of pieces.


Series/ArticleEX 0032-XL
Number of elements.600pcs
Number of whimsies120pcs
Assembled sizeH: 20.43” (51,9 cm) 
W: 14.76” (37,5 cm)
Packaging sizeH: 7.87” (20 cm) 
W: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
D: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
Packaging weight1,34 lb (0,61 kg)
Puzzle thickness: 0,12” (3 mm)
Assembly time9h
Type of CutAnimal
Back side

In conclusion, the “Birds Paradise 600” is not merely a jigsaw but an artwork, a celebration of nature’s beauty, and a testament to fine craftsmanship. Dive into this experience and let it whisk you away to a world where nature strikes a pose.

Additional information

Weight0.61 kg
Packaging Dimensions20 × 16.7 × 16.7 cm



Extra Large

Assembly time


Difficulty level

Hard Level


20.43”(51,9cm) x14.76”(37,5cm)


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