Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:5,94‘’ (15,1 cm)
W:3,43’’ (8,7 cm)
D:2,32’’ (5,9 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Car Puzzle – Buggy Limited Edition


Experience the thrill of bringing a classic vehicle to life with the Buggy Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle 3D. This vibrant model from the esteemed Limited Edition series by Wooden.City is sure to captivate your attention and ignite your passion for mechanical assembly.

3D Wooden Models For Adults Buggy LE
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The 3D Wooden Puzzle Car Adventure Begins

Embark on an incredible assembly journey with the Buggy Limited Edition, a unique 3D Wooden Puzzle Car. Manufactured from high-density birch, these dynamic models transform traditional puzzle-solving into an exciting, tangible exploration of mechanical movement.

Dazzling Design and Performance

The Buggy model captivates with its colorful aesthetics and functional mechanics. Featuring a pull-back mechanism, this car can move approximately one meter in both forward and backward directions, making it not only a visually appealing model but also a fascinating mechanical marvel.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 106
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 101

Premium Packaging

The Buggy Limited Edition arrives in a high-quality wooden box fitted with magnets, adding a touch of sophistication to the unboxing experience. Once your model is assembled, the box can serve as an elegant stand for displaying your accomplishment or as a keepsake box for your treasured items.

An Unforgettable Gift

The Buggy Limited Edition isn’t just a puzzle; it’s a perfect gift that blends fun, learning, and the joy of accomplishment. For enthusiasts of puzzles, mechanical engineering, or unique decor, this model offers an immersive and rewarding assembly experience.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 103
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 107

A Decorative Masterpiece

The Buggy model makes for an impressive decorative piece. Its vibrant colors, intricate details, and ability to move set it apart from standard decor, ensuring it becomes a conversation piece in any room.

Attention to Detail

The Buggy model boasts impressive features like rubber on wheels for increased grip, openable doors, control elements, and even a driver’s seat. Each of these elements, accentuated by the lively color of the model, makes it a true-to-life miniature of an actual buggy.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 105
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Buggy Limited Edition Opis 108

Exclusive Family Fun with the Buggy Limited Edition

Delve into a realm of unmatched craftsmanship with the Buggy Limited Edition. Gather around as a family, celebrating moments of unity and joy. Every intricate detail beckons collaborative exploration, sparking laughter and conversations that linger. Dive deep into this special endeavor, cultivating cherished memories and strengthening familial bonds. Elevate your family time today!


Spare parts 13
SetFour plywood sheetsAssembly instruction
Rubber Band 1,5х1,5 d30 L40 – 4
Rubber Band 1,5х1,5 d15 L20 – 2
Rubber Band 130х1,5х3,5 – 3
Candle -1
Sandpaper -1
Difficulty level3/5
Assembly time2 h
Model dimensionsH: 5.94‘’ (15,1 cm)
W: 3.43’’ (8,7 cm)
D: 2.32’’ (5,9 cm)
Package sizeH: 8‘’ (20,5 cm)
W: 5.9‘’ (15 cm)
D: 1.89‘’ (4,8 cm)
Model scale1:32
Path length39.37” (1 m)
Pull-back mechanism
Rubber motor
Rubber on wheels (increase grip)
Steered wheels
Shock absorber
Painted body
Control elements (steering wheel, levers)
Driver/pilot seat
Reverse movement (backward)
Box – podium/displaying stand
Can be a decor element


The Buggy Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle 3D is more than just a puzzle; it’s a journey into the world of mechanics and assembly. With its stunning design and functional features, it provides both an engaging pastime and a stylish decorative piece. Whether as a gift or for your own enjoyment, this model guarantees a delightful and educational experience.

Additional information

Weight0.54 kg
Packaging Dimensions20.5 × 15 × 4.8 cm
Model Scale


Assembly time


Difficulty level

Medium Level

Mechanical functions



Colored Wood


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