Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:H: 9.45‘’ (24 cm)
W:W: 4.74’’ (12 cm)
D:D: 12’’ (30,5 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Helicopter Puzzle – Helicopter Limited Edition


Introducing the Helicopter Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle 3D. This vibrant, intricately designed model brings the thrill of flight and the joy of handcrafted artistry right into your hands.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition 2
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3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike: Mechanism and Colour in Harmony

The 3D Wooden Puzzle Motorbike isn’t just a mechanical masterpiece—it’s an engaging burst of colour that adds vibrancy to your creative journey.

Limited Edition

This model forms part of Wooden.City’s exclusive Limited Edition series, combining detailed artistry with dazzling colour schemes. Every model in this collection stands out, offering a vibrant twist to your favourite helicopter designs.

Quality Packaging

The model arrives in a quality wooden box with magnetic fasteners, which can serve a dual purpose. After assembling your helicopter, the box transforms into a stand for your model, adding to its display appeal. Alternatively, it can be used as a keepsake box for your treasured items.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 106
Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 100

Exquisite Features

Every aspect of the Helicopter Limited Edition model is designed with utmost precision. It boasts a dashboard, a detailed engine with movable pistons, and control elements like levers for a more interactive experience. The starting key initiates the movement of the model, adding a touch of realism.

A Special Gift

This model makes for an exceptional gift. The combination of engaging assembly, mechanical fascination, and vibrant aesthetics make it an appealing choice for enthusiasts of all ages.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 101
Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 104

A Decorative Showpiece

The fully assembled Helicopter Limited Edition model is not just a testament to your assembly skills—it’s a vibrant decorative showpiece. The colourful model enhances the appeal of any room, injecting a dash of aviation-themed charm into your space.

Stylishly Painted

The model’s paintwork is a highlight in itself. The colours aren’t just painted on—they are skilfully applied to enhance the details and contours of the helicopter, resulting in a model that’s as visually impressive as it is mechanically fascinating.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 102
Limited Edition Wooden.City Opis 1

Colourful and Mechanical

This isn’t your average model helicopter—it’s a mechanical marvel. The rotors whirl, and the entire model can move, thanks to a well-designed rubber-band motor. This unique feature, coupled with its vivid colour scheme, makes this model a striking piece of functional art.

Sky-high Family Adventures Await

Dive into the world of helicopters with this limited edition gem! Craft memories, soar imaginations, and enjoy quality family bonding. An exhilarating escapade, perfect for all ages. Elevate your family’s playtime, one piece at a time!

Wooden Puzzle 3D Helicopter Limited Edition Opis 6


Spare parts 24
Series / ArticleLE011
SetFour plywood sheets
Assembly instruction
Candle – 1
Sandpaper – 1
Toothpicks 8pcs
Rubber Band 3,5х1,5 d40 L60 – 1+1;
Rubber Band 1,5х1,5 d20 L30 – 2+1;
Rubber Band 1,5х1,5 d15 L20 – 1+1;
Difficulty level3/5
Assembly time4 h
Model dimensionsH: 9.45‘’ (24 cm)
W: 4.74’’ (12 cm)
D: 12’’ (30,5 cm)
Package sizeH: 9.88” (25,1 cm)
W: 7.63” (19,4 cm)
D: 1.89” (4,8 cm)
Model scale1:30
Rubber motor
Painted body
Detailed engine
Movable pistons
Control elements (levers)
Imitation lights
Propeller / propeller with blades
Driver / pilot seat
Starting key (The model starts with a key)
Start lever
Box – podium / displaying stand
(+ the box has a magnetic lid)
The box can be used further to store small things.
Can be a decor element


The Helicopter Limited Edition Wooden Puzzle is more than just a puzzle—it’s a colourful journey through the intricacies of mechanical engineering and the world of aviation. As you assemble and display this model, you’ll be able to appreciate the detail, craftsmanship, and vivid colours that make it a truly unique piece.

Additional information

Weight0.85 kg
Packaging Dimensions25 × 19.3 × 4.9 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Medium Level

Model Scale



150 to 199


Colored Wood

Mechanical functions



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