Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:32.67'' (83 cm)
W:21.65'' (55 cm)
Assembled Size

World Map Animals L Wooden Puzzle 3D


Embark on an enchanting journey with the World Map Animals L Wooden Puzzle 3D. Crafted with precision and artistry in the heart of Poland, this masterpiece is not just a puzzle but a testament to the union of craftsmanship and nature.

Puzzle 3D en Bois Carte du Monde Animaux L 8
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Discover the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle Experience

Dive into the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle experience and immerse yourself in the world of geography and wildlife. Made from the robust HDF birch, this exquisite map extends beyond mere aesthetics; it stands as a tangible piece of art that stimulates both the mind and soul.

World of Wildlife

Each piece of this map unfolds a story, portraying animals that roam our planet. Perfectly fitting for a child’s room, it offers them an opportunity to explore and appreciate the wonders of our world. The beauty doesn’t stop at assembly; kids can further personalize their world, painting the animals in vibrant hues, either independently or as a bonding activity with their parents.

Puzzle 3D en Bois Carte du Monde Animaux L Opis 1
Puzzle 3D en Bois Carte du Monde Animaux L Opis 2

Design with Purpose

This model effortlessly transforms any space, from a cozy bedroom corner to an expansive office wall. The inclusion of arrows showcasing cardinal directions adds an educational dimension, enhancing a child’s geographical understanding. Moreover, it comes with adhesive tape, ensuring an easy and hassle-free wall mounting.

A Gift that Resonates

If you’re seeking a gift that’s both meaningful and visually appealing, look no further. This map is a testament to the beauty of our world, making it a perfect present for both young explorers eager to delve into geography and adults with an appreciation for fine European craftsmanship.

Puzzle 3D en Bois Carte du Monde Animaux L Opis 3


Model dimensionsH: 32.67” (83cm)
W: 21.65” (55 cm)
Package sizeH: 13.97” (35,5 cm)
W: 9.44” (24 cm)
D: 1.57” (4 cm)
Assembly time90 min
Model scale1:39 000 000
Can be a decor element
Possibility of fastening to the wall
Arrows of cardinal directions
Adhesive tape for wall mounting included
Possibility of hand painting
Educational function (for children)

The Finishing Touch to Any Space

This map isn’t just a learning tool; it’s a decorative masterpiece. It breathes life into spaces, ensuring that walls aren’t merely barriers but canvases showcasing the beauty of our world. Its design and utility make it an unparalleled decor element for any room.

In conclusion, the World Map Animals L is more than a piece; it’s an experience. From its birthplace in Poland to its destination on your wall, it promises quality, beauty, and a voyage across our planet. So, step into this world, let your creativity flow, and embrace the wonders it brings.

Additional information

Weight1.05 kg
Packaging Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm
Assembly time


Model Scale



0 to 99


Natural Wood

Difficulty level

Easy Level


32.67''(83cm) x21.65''(55cm)


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