Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:20,86'' (57 cm)
W:14,96'' (38 cm)
Assembled Size

World Map M Wooden Puzzle 3D


Introducing the World Map M Wooden Puzzle 3D, a majestic representation of our beautiful planet. Crafted meticulously from European expertise, it invites every onlooker to embark on a journey, even from the comfort of their space.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map M 4
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The Essence of the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle

At the heart of our collection lies the 3D Wooden World Map Puzzle. Originating from Poland, a beacon of excellence in the European Union, this masterpiece isn’t just a mere model. It’s an invitation to experience geography like never before, using high-density birch, renowned for its resilience and aesthetic appeal.

A Masterpiece in Every Detail

Dive into the subtleties that set this map apart. Every edge and line is carved with precision, allowing it to be a striking decor element. Whether gracing the walls of a sophisticated office or adding charm to a contemporary living room, its presence is undeniable.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map M Opis 3
Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map M Opis 4

With the added advantage of fastening to the wall, it promises to be not just an artwork but a centerpiece. Accompanied by arrows of cardinal directions, it serves as both an informative tool and an artistic marvel. And, for those eager to leave a personal touch, the surface is primed for hand painting. It’s more than just a map; it’s a canvas waiting for your unique touch. And fret not about the mounting; we’ve included adhesive tape to ensure it adorns your wall with ease.

Gift of Wonder

Seeking the perfect gift that speaks of thought, love, and artistry? Look no further. This map emerges as a distinguished choice. From geography enthusiasts to decor aficionados, it’s a gift that will be cherished, remembered, and prominently displayed.

Wooden Map Puzzle 3D World World Map M Opis 9


Number of parts31
Model dimensionsH: 20,86” (57 cm)
W: 14,96” ( 38 cm)
Packing sizeH: 9,44” (24 cm)
W: 6,88” (17,5 cm)
D: 1,10” (2,8 cm)
Assembly time60 min
Number of parts total32
Model scale1:57 000 000
Can be a decor element
Possibility of fastening to the wall
Arrows of cardinal directions
Adhesive tape for wall mounting included
Possibility of hand painting

More Than Just an Ornament

Envision a piece that isn’t merely decorative but evokes conversation, wonder, and inspiration. It serves as a testament to your global aspirations, travels, or simply, your appreciation for fine craftsmanship. Its versatility ensures it stands out, be it in an educational institution, a corporate setting, or the heart of a home.

In conclusion, the World Map M encapsulates the world’s splendor in a format that’s both tangible and awe-inspiring. Crafted with passion and precision, it is a testament to Polish expertise and a celebration of global beauty. Let it be the story you tell, the journey you relive, or the dream you chase. Embrace the world, one piece at a time.

Additional information

Weight0.55 kg
Packaging Dimensions24 × 17.5 × 2.8 cm
Assembly time


Model Scale



0 to 99


Natural Wood

Difficulty level

Beginner Level


22.44''(57cm) x14.96''(38cm)


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