Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:1,73‘’ (4,4 cm)
W:2.04‘’ (5,2 cm)
D:0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Travel Puzzle – Widgets Continents


Discover the intricate craftsmanship of Widgets Continents Wooden Puzzle 3D, an embodiment of artistry and functionality.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Travel Widgets Continents - 3
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Travel the Globe with the 3D Wooden Puzzle

The 3D Wooden Puzzle series proudly unveils its newest creation: The Widgets Continents. A set that is not just a testament to finesse and precision but also an ode to our vast world.

More than Just Key Rings

Beyond their primary function, these key rings are mechanical wonders. Crafted with precision, they echo the brand’s legacy. Each piece is a marvel in its own right, a reminder of the vast, interconnected world we live in.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Travel Widgets Continents Opis 4
Wooden Puzzle 3D Travel Widgets Continents Opis 6

Unleash Your Creativity

The raw elegance of the birch can be preserved or transformed based on your preference. They are a canvas waiting for your artistic touch. Paint, varnish, or accessorize to make these key rings a reflection of your own journey and style.

The Perfect Token of Affection

Looking for a gift that resonates, tells a story, and is functional? The Widgets Continents are your answer. They stand as an emblem of thoughtfulness and a love for travel, making them an ideal gift for globetrotters and puzzle enthusiasts alike.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Travel Widgets Continents Opis 3


Assembly time3х10min
Skill level1/5
Number of parts total27
Model dimensions x3H: 1,73‘’ (4,4 cm)
W: 2,04‘’ (5,2 cm)
D: 0,59‘’ (1,5 cm)
Packing sizeH: 4,17‘’ (10,6 cm)
W: 2,32‘’ (5,9 cm)
D: 0,66‘’ (1,7 cm)
Number of gears, pcs3, 3, 3
Can be a decor element
Key ring
Possibility of hand painting
The packing box is made of wood.
Inside there is an instruction on how,
after assembling the model, you can also
assemble the box into a demonstration stand.

Stunning Decorative Elements

Beyond their practicality, these key rings double up as intricate decorative elements. Place them on your desk, hang them on a wall, or let them dangle from a shelf, and they are sure to be conversation starters, reminiscent of places visited or yet to be explored.

In the end, coming from the heart of Poland, a country in the European Union, these models represent more than just artisanal excellence. They signify a journey, a story, and a world waiting to be explored, one key ring at a time.

Additional information

Weight0.050 kg
Packaging Dimensions10.6 × 5.9 × 1.7 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Easy Level


0 to 99


Natural Wood

Mechanical functions



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