Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:3,81‘’ (9,7 cm)
W:1,42’’ (3,6 cm)
D:1,85’’ (4,7 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Car Puzzle – Rally Car 4


Unveiling the magnificent Rally Car 4 Wooden Puzzle 3D, a testimony to Europe’s rich legacy of craftsmanship, with its roots firmly grounded in the heart of Poland.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Rally Car 4 - 6
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Experience the 3D Wooden Puzzle Car Excellence

Introducing the 3D Wooden Puzzle Car brilliance, Rally Car 4—a splendid fusion of classic art and intricate mechanics. Hailing from the lap of Poland, this model epitomizes the marriage of aesthetics and functionality in every possible way.

Rally Car 4 doesn’t simply exist—it thrives, revealing its heart piece by piece. The doors usher you into a realm of exactness, opening up to showcase the intricacies within. Sunroof above adds a touch of elegance, making this model even more appealing.

Unraveling the Details

Controls such as the steering wheel and levers create a sense of authenticity. In combination with imitation mirrors and headlights, the model draws a vivid image of a real rally car. Dive deeper and you’ll find the driver’s seat. The hood and trunk, both opening, serve as a gateway to the car’s soul, every detail screaming perfection.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Rally Car 4 opis - 3
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Rally Car 4 - 1

An Expression of You

While the Rally Car 4 is a beauty in its birch avatar, it generously offers itself as a canvas. Paint, design, or decorate, this model is a celebration of your creative flair, waiting to be an embodiment of your artistic visions.

The Perfect Gifting Choice

Imagine gifting an experience—a journey through assembling, understanding, and admiring. Rally Car 4 is not just a model; it’s an emotion, making it a matchless present for people of all ages, igniting curiosity, and sparking joy.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Rally Car 4 opis 4
Wooden Puzzle 3D Car Rally Car 4 opis 4

Rally Car 4: The Ultimate Family Lap

Dive into an enthralling family adventure with Rally Car 4! Together, craft stories of speed and strategy, celebrating each completed section. It’s more than a project—it’s a shared journey of excitement, challenges, and unforgettable moments. Embrace the thrill together!


Model Scale1:46
Set2 sheet of plywood,
Assembly instruction 
Spare parts5
Difficulty level4/5
Assembly time1 h
Model dimensionsH: 3.81‘’ (9,7 cm)
W: 1.42’’ (3,6 cm)
D: 1.85’’ (4,7 cm)
Package sizeH: 3.54” (9 cm)
W: 9.52” (24,2 cm)
D: 0.99” (2,52 cm)
Openable doors
Control elements (steering wheel, levers)
Imitation mirrors
Imitation lights
Driver/pilot seat
Opening the hood/trunk
Can be a decor element
Possibility of hand painting

Legacy of Polish Mastery

Beyond its captivating design lies the spirit of Polish expertise. Every piece of Rally Car 4 tells a story of dedication, precision, and passion, making the process of assembling not merely a task, but a journey through the annals of Polish artisanship. Embrace this journey, and let it be a cherished chapter in your book of memories.

Additional information

Weight0.08 kg
Packaging Dimensions9 × 24.2 × 2.6 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Medium Level

Model Scale



100 to 149


Natural Wood

Mechanical functions



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