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Wooden animal puzzle

Wooden animal puzzle

Wooden animal puzzle allow you to enter a new level of difficulty when it comes to solving puzzles. They are colorful, composed of variously shaped pieces, and can be divided even into several thousand parts. Arranging such puzzles is an excellent form of entertainment for both children and adults. Why is it worth reaching for them?

Table of Contents:
Why will puzzles work for little ones?
Puzzles for adults

Why will wooden animal puzzle work well for children?

Wooden animal puzzle for children are educational toys, which, because of their form, will encourage youngsters to train their hands skills and sharpness of mind. The smallest sets of such puzzles available in our store Wooden.City consists of 130 elements and depicts, among others, fashionable alpacas, foxes, and cats. As they are made of certified wooden plywood, they will be safe for the youngest and will not get damaged quickly. All sets are manufactured in Poland. Importantly, if any piece of the puzzle gets lost, you can contact us and we will send it to the indicated address! We will also help you in case of difficulties with assembling the whole puzzle.

Training of fingers and hands

Our simplest wooden puzzles, representing animals, are suitable for children as young as 8 years old. This is a good time for a child to regularly train the agility of fingers and whole hands. This is because fine motor skills are reflected in nicer handwriting or greater artistic ability. Besides, putting puzzles together also develops eye-hand coordination.

Intellectual development

No one needs to explain why a puzzle is an educational toy. Such puzzles stimulate the mind to work, reach creativity, and teach logical thinking. Thanks to this type of entertainment, the child is more patient and persistent. In a way, a child also learns to aim for a goal and works on concentration. Putting puzzles together can also be beneficial for improving teamwork skills. In our store, we offer 3D puzzles, which develop children’s creativity and imagination. We offer various mechanical models in the shape of vehicles, trains, dinosaurs, or other gadgets. In addition, you will find our new wooden board games, which have an educational function as well.

Wooden animal puzzles

Why is the wooden animal puzzle also worth choosing for adults?

Wooden animal puzzle can have up to 500 pieces, which makes them a great option for adults as well. This is because they are already special puzzles with a high level of difficulty. This level is composed not only by the number of elements to assemble but also by the character of the graphics, which are multicolored and full of details. Puzzles of this type are built from elements of non-standard shape. Among them, patterns depicting such animals as a lion, or a tiger are present. All this makes the work on the puzzle more interesting and surprising than is the case with standard puzzles.


Adult puzzles activate both brain hemispheres to work. One is responsible for creative thinking, the other for logical thinking. When both works simultaneously, they can find ways out of different situations. The fact that assembling puzzles refines this skill proves that such products are as valuable for children as they are for adults. They allow to keep the mind in good shape and take care of the memory, but also to calm or soothe the nerves. Finally, the finished puzzle can also be treated as a trophy and decoration. The puzzle placed in a frame will beautifully decorate even the living room. Just like the wooden self-assembly maps available in our offer.

Entertainment and teamwork

Also worth mentioning are several situations in which it is good to have a selected set of wooden puzzles for adults. As the first of those cases is a family and friend gathering at the table. Instead of turning on the TV or radio, at such moments it is worth reaching for something that brings people together and allows you to take care of a pleasant atmosphere. A product like wooden puzzles is a product, which will help you to reach that. By arranging them with others, we quickly find a common language and cooperate to achieve a goal. For similar reasons, puzzles of this type will also work well for integration with co-workers. Team puzzles build strong bonds and allow us to see who we can rely on and with whom we work best. It’s a good idea to hang the jointly arranged picture in the office later so that it motivates everyone to act and reminds us of the effects of good cooperation.

Perfect for a gift

A various number of elements means a different level of difficulty, so puzzles with animals will work well for people of every age. The youngest ones can be given them under the Christmas tree so that during the long winter evenings the child can find other entertainment than the computer or TV. Puzzles of this type will also work well for other occasions, such as birthdays. It is worth gifting them to adults or grandparents so that by arranging them they keep their minds working. Individual sets can also be adjusted to individual interests and preferences. This is because we offer puzzles with many shapes, such as fish, rabbits, or butterflies.

Wooden puzzles with animal figures will please both younger and older puzzle enthusiasts. The product, made of plywood, can be used repeatedly without the risk of damage. It can also be used as an interior decoration. Please take a look at the designs we currently have in our offer, and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

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