Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:21.96'' (55,8 cm)
W:4.33'' (110 cm)
D:4.8'' (12,2 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Train Puzzle – Wooden Express + Tender with Rails


Welcome aboard the Wooden Express + Tender With Rails Wooden Puzzle 3D, a magnificent blend of rich Polish craftsmanship and engineering that brings the magic of railways alive, right on your tabletop.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Train Wooden Express + Tender with Rails 4
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Unveiling the Intricacies of the 3D Wooden Puzzle Train

Setting the stage with the 3D Wooden Puzzle Train, you’ll find an assembly experience that’s both challenging and rewarding. Expertly crafted from high-density fiberboard birch, this ensemble truly captures the essence of classic European train systems.

Features That Stand Out

This model isn’t just about aesthetic appeal; it’s a testament to functionality and design. Under the hood, the rubber motor powers the train, ensuring smooth movements across its track. Enhancing its mobility are the rubber-on-wheels, meticulously designed to increase grip and imitate the steady chug of a real locomotive.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Train Wooden Express + Tender with Rails 4
Wooden Puzzle 3D Train Wooden Express + Tender with Rails Opis 11

A Journey on Rails

With every twist of the starting key, the model embarks on its journey, covering up to three meters on the included fragment of rails. A unique feature is its possibility of reverse movement, making the experience even more delightful.

The Perfect Gift

Such a unique combination of craftsmanship and mechanics makes this model an excellent gift choice. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion, gifting this piece promises an experience that the recipient will cherish, remember, and engage with.

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More Than Just a Model

Beyond the joy of assembling, this model doubles up as an exquisite decor piece. Its intricate details, movable parts, and European design accentuate any living space, making it a topic of admiration and conversation.

Personal Touch

The model is open to personalization. You have the freedom to paint and customize it, allowing its final appearance to resonate with your style.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Train Wooden Express + Tender with Rails Opis 5

Chugging Through Memories: All Aboard the Express

Embark on a family journey assembling the iconic express and tender. Feel the joy of each rail clicked into place. Together, create tracks of laughter and tales, fostering bonds that endure beyond the final piece. Make memories, one train car at a time.


Quantity(Express 385) + (Tender 175)
Spare parts (Express 15) + (5 Tender)
SetWooden express:
Assembly instruction
Toothpicks  – 60
Axle 20,6  – 2
Axle 48,5  – 4
Axle 51  – 3
Axle 134  – 3
Rubber band 1,5х1,5 D50 L80 – 18
Rubber band 1,5х1,5 D20 L30  – 2
Rubber band 3,5х1,5 D40 L60  – 3
Candle – 1 pcs.
Sandpaper 30*40  – 1 pcs.”
Toothpicks – 30 
Candle – 1
Sandpaper 30×40 – 1
Difficulty level5/5
Assembly time10 h
Model dimensions (train)H: 21.96” (55,8 cm)
W: 4.33” (11,0 cm)
D: 4.8” (12,2 cm)
Model dimensions (Rails)H: 23.62” (60 cm)
W: 2.4” (6,1 cm)
D: 0.59” (1,5 cm)
Package sizeH: 13.97” (35,5 cm)
W: 9.44” (24 cm)
D: 1.57” (4 cm)
Rubber motor
Rubber on wheels (increase grip)
Openable doors
Movable pistons
Control elements (steering wheel, levers)
Imitation lights
Starting key
Start lever
Model scale1:40
Path length3
Additional function activated by lever (open trailer roof)
Possibility of reverse (reverse movement)
Figurine(s) of people included
Fragment of rails included
Can be a decor element
Possibility of hand painting
The packing box is made of wood.
Inside there is an instruction on how,
after assembling the model, you can also
assemble the box into a demonstration stand

In Conclusion

The Wooden Express + Tender With Rails is not just a model; it’s a journey, a story, and a piece of art that pays homage to classic European railways. Its detailed features and functionalities make it more than worth the exploration. Dive into the world of trains, one piece at a time.

Additional information

Weight1.6 kg
Packaging Dimensions35.5 × 24 × 4 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Expert Level

Model Scale



Natural Wood

Mechanical functions



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