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Puzzle 3D 4х4 + Trailer - Drewniane modele do składania


Wooden Mechanical Model

Wooden model sets 4Х4 + Trailer are 3d puzzles of a ground-breaking war-time American jeep and trailer. Often, an outdoor adventurer will buy an SUV and then, without hesitation, the perfect trailer for it. So we decided to simplify this impulse for you and include both models in one coveted box! It’s cheaper than ordering this cool jeep and its trailer separately!

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Our model jeep with trailer package, “4×4 + Trailer”, classically illustrates the difficult 3D puzzles for adults we have become known for. It has everything you’d find in the real jeep, from a working internal combustion engine with moving pistons and a trigger lever, to a removable shovel and a jerry can! The engine connects to a fully functional drive, with cardan shaft and semi-axle shafts with crossings.

This is a valuable all-terrain jeep, and the trailer is a necessary companion piece. Real military off-road vehicles were equipped with trailers for transporting weapons and equipment to soldiers on the front line. In order to advance against any enemy, you need a lot of necessities. Without a trailer, you could not hope to get them to front!

The 4X4 + Trailer can travel up to 2 meters. The front wheels are steerable. Its hood opens and closes, and is secured with two clips, and the windshield actually tilts.

This model is super fun to play with! It gives you everything you need to recreate all your imagined adventure stories! Perhaps it’s a time of war or a journey through the jungle, a safari race or the pursuit of criminals. Any detective or adventure tale will become real with your 4X4 + Trailer!


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