Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:2.36‘’ (6 cm)
W:2.36‘’ (6 cm)
D:0.47‘’ (1,2 cm)
Assembled Size

3D Wooden Game Puzzle – Checkers


Dive into the enthralling universe of Checkers Wooden Puzzle 3D, where ancient strategy melds seamlessly with European elegance and design.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Game Checkers 1
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Travel with the Majesty of 3D Wooden Puzzle Games

Introducing a game that resonates with the rich legacy of 3D Wooden Puzzle Games. Hailing from the heart of Poland, this unique creation is fashioned out of the finest birch. Compact, yet brimming with the essence of the classic game of checkers, it is meticulously designed to accompany you on any journey.

The Timeless Appeal of Checkers

Checkers, a game adored for ages, gets an exquisite makeover in this model. Its universal allure is captured in every detail, ensuring that the spirit of this much-loved game remains undiminished even in its compact form.

Paint Your Strategy

Beyond the play, this set offers an artistic escape. It provides a canvas to reflect your personality. Let your imagination soar and color it to reflect your unique style, making each game even more personal and cherished.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Game Checkers Opis 3
Wooden Puzzle 3D Game Checkers Opis 1

Quality Family Time Ensured

Checkers has always been more than just moving pieces on a board. It’s about connection, bonding, and moments of shared joy. With this set, every move becomes a memory, strengthening ties with loved ones.

An Exemplary Gift Choice

Seeking a present that stands out and conveys thoughtfulness? This checkers set is the answer. It symbolizes the intersection of timeless fun and exquisite craftsmanship, making it a delightful choice for occasions of all kinds.

Wooden Puzzle 3D Game Checkers Opis 2

Family Fun Awaits

Reignite familial bonds with the classic game of checkers. Whether you’re plotting your next move or sharing laughter over light-hearted competition, it’s the perfect way to bring everyone together. An age-old game, now ready to fill your home with joy and connection. Dive in!


Assembly time5 min
Skill level1/5
Number of parts total31
DimensionsH:  2.36‘’ (6 cm)
W: 2.36‘’ (6 cm)
D: 0.47‘’ (1,2 cm)
Packing sizeH: 2.36‘’ (6 cm)
W: 2.36‘’ (6 cm)
D: 0.47‘’ (1,2 cm)
Can be a decor element
Mini game
Game board
Figurines/elements for the game included
The ability to store items for the game inside
He ability to play together (more than 1 player)
Size – fits in your pocket
Possibility of hand painting
The packing box is made of wood.
Inside there is an instruction on how,
after assembling the model, you can also
assemble the box into a demonstration stand.

Tradition Meets Modern Craftsmanship

Born out of Poland’s revered craft traditions, every aspect of this game radiates the expertise and care that has gone into its making. It’s not just about playing; it’s about experiencing a piece of European artistry.

In conclusion, embrace the magic of checkers in a way you’ve never before. Handcrafted with precision and love, this set ensures moments of strategy, laughter, and bonding. So, set up your board and let the game of intellect and memories begin.

Additional information

Weight0.03 kg
Packaging Dimensions6 × 6 × 1.2 cm
Assembly time


Difficulty level

Beginner Level


0 to 99


Natural Wood


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