Assembly Time
Difficult Level
H:20.43” (51,9 cm)
W:14.76” (37,5 cm)
D:0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembled Size

Nova Terrarum Antique Map 1000 Wooden Puzzle


Embark on an exploration of historical grandeur with the Nova Terrarum Antique Map 1000 Wooden Puzzle. This artisanal creation delves deep into the mysteries of ancient cartography, enriched with valiant knights from ages past.

Wooden Puzzle 1000 Nova Terrarum Antique Map 9
Nova Terrarum Antique Map 1000 Wooden Puzzle $34.90
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Exquisite Craftsmanship of Our Wooden Puzzle

Straight from the heart  , this Wooden Puzzle exemplifies the pinnacle of European craftsmanship. Each distinct piece, shaped with precision, promises an enchanting journey of assembly.

Traversing Through Time

The vibrant depiction of a bygone world map invites enthusiasts to navigate through continents, oceans, and epochs. The myriad knights standing sentinel over their domains add layers of fascination and narrative.

Wooden Puzzle 1000 Nova Terrarum Antique Map Opis 9
Wooden Puzzle 1000 Nova Terrarum Antique Map Opis 3

Artistry in Every Piece

Beyond the central theme, each element carries a story, characterized by thematic cuts. Be it wildlife-focused sets with animal shapes or travel-centric ones with globally renowned landmarks, there’s a tale to tell.

A Double-Sided Experience

Adding depth to the challenge, each intricately crafted piece showcases patterns on its reverse side. These patterns can either aid or mystify, depending on your approach, making the assembly even more compelling

Puzzle Opis 2
Wooden Puzzle 1000 Nova Terrarum Antique Map Opis 5

Unforgettable Moments with Loved Ones

Bringing this masterpiece to life offers a unique avenue for family bonding. It becomes a stage for collaboration, dialogue, and creativity—a precious way to create lasting memories.

Not Just a Pastime

Upon completion, this emblem of patience and determination can adorn your walls, adding a touch of historical elegance to your interiors.

Puzzle Opis 1

An Ideal Gift Selection

Packaged in its thematic opulence, the Nova Terrarum stands as a brilliant gifting choice. Whether for enthusiasts, history admirers, or someone seeking an immersive experience, it’s an unmatched treasure.


Series/ArticleTR 1010-0102-XL
Age14 +
Number of elements1000 pcs
Number of whimsies100 pcs
Assembled sizeH: 20.43” (51,9 cm) 
W: 14.76” (37,5 cm)
Packaging sizeH: 7.87” (20 cm) 
W: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
D: 6.57” (16,7 cm)
Packaging weight1,34 lb (0,61 kg)
Puzzle thickness0.12″ (0,3 cm)
Assembly time13h
ArtistInterlitho Licensing GmbH
Type of CutTravel 
Back side

In summation

The Nova Terrarum Antique Map is more than a mere diversion. With its detailed intricacies, dual-sided allure, and potential as a decorative masterpiece, it delivers not just engaging hours but cherished memories.

Additional information

Weight0.607 kg
Packaging Dimensions20 × 16.7 × 16.7 cm



Extra Large

Assembly time


Difficulty level

Expert Level


20.43”(51,9cm) x14.76”(37,5cm)


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