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Keychain Transport Widgets + Widgets - Drewniane modele do składania


Wooden Pendant

Our funny Transport Widgets + Widgets are very easy to build. You can buy them cheaper together than buying them separately. They add a very stylish look on bags and key chains! With these, you don’t need to think up an original gift to please a loved one or child. Just assemble a key chain or spinning top in just a few minutes and you’ll have ready-made a very pleasant surprise!

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Our Transport Widgets include a small locomotive, tractor, and airplane for transportation lovers. These wooden key chain-sized models easily catch the eyes of others. And children love these accessories so much that they always ask to play with them.

Our Widgets include a spinning top and two mechanical key chains – these are great for combating the stress from unexpected inconveniences. Spin the gears with your finger or start up your spinning top and immediately your mind will calm down.

There are six models in this wooden puzzle box! With this collection, you can literally use a different one every weekday to keep yourself calm. The spinning top can be worn on your backpack for ready use in situations where you have to wait or for entertaining your child.

All models, except for the spinning top, have a hole through them for attaching to a chain, an elastic band or a metal ring.

Transport Widgets are inexpensive surprises you can give to please a loved one. Nice and cheap!


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