Gifts under 50$

Gifts under 50$ can be considered quite versatile. Within this budget, people often search for birthday, name day, communion, or various other occasion gifts. Since many people set this budget, it’s easy to end up with duplicated items, which can be inconvenient for both the giver and the recipient. It’s worth thinking outside the box and giving something that will be remembered for a long time, like wooden puzzles.

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Looking for an Original Gift Idea Under 50$? Consider Wooden Puzzles

Gifts under 50$ offer plenty of possibilities. Unfortunately, it’s easy to choose something ordinary within this budget, which may not bring full satisfaction to either the gift giver or the recipient. The best solution is to present something both impressive and functional. Wooden puzzles available at Wooden.City are an excellent choice.

Valuable Entertainment

When thinking about gifts, we often want to give something that not only pleases the person but also provides them with relaxation and entertainment. It’s best if it’s an opportunity to do something enjoyable and useful. Wooden puzzles are an excellent choice because they allow you to take a break from the overwhelming screens of smartphones, computers, and televisions. Instead, you can spend a few hours or even several hours deciphering an interesting puzzle, and in the end, you’ll have a model or set with high aesthetic value that can transform into a beautiful interior decoration. Wooden pieces are safer and more pleasant to touch compared to those made of plastic.

For People of All Ages

Wooden puzzles are a great gift idea regardless of the recipient’s age. This includes children as well. Puzzle-solving positively influences their development by enhancing logical thinking and fine motor skills. For adults, it’s an excellent way to relax and momentarily forget about daily concerns.

Gifts Under 50$ at Wooden.City

Gifts under 50$ from our range offer a wide selection of high-quality products. We are a Polish manufacturer, and we ship our assortment from Wrocław. We use certified, environmentally friendly birch plywood, and we cut puzzle pieces using laser technology, ensuring that each part is perfect and creates magnificent compositions when assembled.

Mechanical Models

In this price range, you can choose from several of our mechanical models. These are unique 3D puzzles that, when assembled, transform into collectible models with carefully designed moving parts. Our range caters to people with various interests, as you can choose from various vehicles, dinosaurs, or even clocks.

Puzzles and Maps

As a gift, you can select our wooden puzzles featuring various themes, from animals and nature to various travel-related motifs. Within this budget, you can choose between larger sets with up to 2000 pieces, which will be a fascinating challenge even for teenagers and adults. For children, you can opt for smaller sets. Besides puzzle sets, within this budget, you can also consider some of our world maps, which serve as unique wall decorations. As you can see, the range of potential gifts in this price range is extensive, so we encourage you to explore our offerings.